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I say build a team where each be responsible for some of the editing. For example you are already doing fighters, someone else edits historical fights and so on.

Originally Posted by Entropic View Post
I think the biggest issue with multiple people working on a mod is consistency in the stats.

Some fighters being better/worse than their RL self isn't that bad of an issue, but we all have different ideas of what average should be.

If think Forest Griffen had slightly above striking technique, I might give him a 73 for that stat.

If someone else makes Tito, and says that he has average striking, and they think average is 80, then Tito is 7 pts better at striking than Forest, which just isn't the case.

If one person makes both Tito and Forrest, then everyone would have Forrest having the better striking. But when two people make one each, you can't guarantee consistency.
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