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Default Sgt. Bison

Sgt. Bison

Bison, real name Lance Lawler, grew up in a military family. They used to be called military brats, but he always hated that term. He wasn’t a brat. His dad was in the infantry. Got deployed. His father did three tours of Afghanistan. His grandfather served in ‘Nam. His great-grandfather served in World War II. Lance had wanted to serve too. That had been his whole plan. Get through high school and then enlist. Real life had other news for him. Lance was a diabetic. A type I diabetic. Had it his whole life. It disqualified him from military service. They wouldn’t let him enlist. It wasn’t safe. Active duty and a body’s inability to produce and regulate insulin and need for strict, regular low-carbohydrate meals do not mix for a group that live off of MRE’s that are carb-heavy, in extreme temperatures, and often having to move under extreme pressure. Lance understood when he was diagnosed when he was fourteen. He understood that the military wasn’t going to be for him. Instead, he had to turn to his other love. He had discovered wrestling when he discovered TCW and The New Wave. Two armed forces guys out there throwing punches and taking big bumps. As he got older, he discovered tapes of them in DAVE. Of wars they had had with the Peak Brothers, the Animalz, The New Jersey Devils. The buckets of blood they had bled. They were his favorites. He saw himself in them.

Thus, he created the Sgt. Bison character. Using his knowledge of the military, his love of brawling and bruising. He created the Capital Punishment -- a slingshot brainbuster that he could hit on anyone. He had enrolled in the Rocky Mountain School of Wrestling -- he had seen the ads online and made the long drive from the swamps of Louisiana where his father was currently stationed. He took his training seriously. He watched what he ate. He kept up with his insulin. He worked out. He listened to his coaches -- Mr. Oxford, Mr. Bryant, and Riley. He listened closely. He asked good questions. He would never get to serve his country like his family before him -- but he could be a good soldier in a different army. He was going to be all he could be. He wasn’t Lance Lawler. He was Sergeant Bison.
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