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I leaned back in my chair. My hand clutching the mug of cocoa. It had been a whirlwind few months. An absolute whirlwind. Time flies when you are having fun, isn’t that what they say? I took a drink. November we crowned new champions. Logan defeated Primus -- which allowed Primus to head to training camp for his fight. I don’t know what would make a guy with all the wrestling skills in the world also want to fight in mixed martial arts, but that was what he wanted to do so I wasn’t going to stand in the way. He’d be back in a few months, so while he was gone it allowed us to do some other things.

I switched the tag titles in December too. Riley and KC had done a great job with the belts. Really raised them onto the national platform. Websites were talking about it. Clips were all over YouTube -- but with KC consistently getting tours of PGHW, I wasn’t sure how much longer I could count on him being available. The Ring Generals were available. They were skilled. They had the pedigree and history and it opened up some new programs.

Christmas Chaos had been our best show ever. Our most successful show to date. Our last several shows were all sellouts. 500 people filed into the Oxford Arena to see our gladiators do combat. While drinking my cocoa, I pulled up to see the year end awards and check the status of the wrestling world.

2018 Year End Awards

Wrestler of the Year -- Nicky Champion [SOTBW]
Company of the Year - PGHW
Tag Team of the Year - Red Scourge (Blood Raven & Pirata Malvado) [SOTBW]
Match of the Year - Wolf Hawkins versus Steve Frehely [USPW]
Show of the Year - SOTBW Feliz Navidad
Young Wrestler of the Year - Jacqueleen Morel [NOTBW]
Veteran Wrestler of the Year - El Demonio [SOTBW]
Female Wrestler of the Year - Alicia Strong [NOTBW]
Most Improved Company - Burning Hammer of the Wrestling Gods
Independent Wrestler of the Year - Devious Dr. Fang
Manager of the Year - Hannah Potter [SWF]
Announcer of the Year - Duane Fry [SWF]
Color Commentator of the Year - Armando Caballero [SOTBW]
Referee of the Year - Shihei Nagano [PGHW]
I wanted to see what they were saying about our 2018, so I checked out their profile on my own company.

2018 Top Five’s for RMW

Top Five Shows
1. Christmas Chaos ‘18, B-
2. Halloween Throwdown - C+
3. RMW Live #10 (October) - C
4. RMW Thanksgiving Thunder - C
5. RMW Live #12 (December) - C

Top Five Matches
1. Logan Diaz defeated Casey Valentine, RMW Christmas Chaos - B-
2. C-V-2 defeated American Demolition, RMW Halloween Throwdown, B-
3. Casey Valentine defeated “Bulldozer” Brandon Smith, RMW The Last Hard Men, B-
4. Bowen Services defeated Diaz, McManus, and Glenn, RMW Halloween Throwdown, C+
5. The Ring Generals defeated McManus & Glenn, RMW Thanksgiving Thunder, C+

Top Five Attendances
1. 500 [sell out] - RMW Live #12 [December]
2. 500 [sell out] - RMW Thanksgiving Thunder
3. 500 [sell out] - RMW Live #11 [November]
4. 500 [sell out] - RMW Halloween Throwdown
5. 500 [sell out] - RMW Christmas Chaos
Now I wanted to see the Championships from around the globe. Who had what? When did they win it? How were the prestiges of the titles we used? I needed all of that information.

RMW Championship Run down

Rocky Mountain Heavyweight Championship -- Logan Diaz, A* prestige
Rocky Mountain Tag Team Championship - The Ring Generals, A prestige
RMW Can-Am Championship - Clyde Puder, A Prestige
Gold Rush Tournament -- Logan Diaz, B- Prestige
Oxford Invitational Tag Tournament - Riley McManus and KC Glenn, A Prestige
Top Graduate Tournament - Clyde Puder, C+ Prestige
COTT Championship Run Down

COTT World Heavyweight Champion -- Big Bruiser Findlay, B Prestige
COTT World Junior Heavyweight Champion - The Architect, B- Prestige
COTT World Tag Team Champions - C-V-2 [Casey Valentine & Cameron Vessey], B+ Prestige
Champions From The Top Seven Companies

USPW World Heavyweight Champion -- Benny Benson [won Nov 2018]
21CW World Heavyweight Champion -- Edward Cornell [won Oct 2018]
SWF World Heavyweight Champion - Valiant [won Nov. 2018]
Campeonato del Mundo SOTBW -- Mayan Idol [won Oct 2018]
TCW World Heavyweight Champion -- Freddy Huggins [won July 2018]
PGHW Glory Crown -- Kozume Kawashima [won May 2017]
BHOTWG World Heavyweight Champion - Kinnojo Horri [won Oct 2017]
Last but not least, I went around to see if any of our former talents had achieved some gold. Jakob Yoder had lost the RIPW USA Championship to former RMW grappler, Robin DaLay -- so that’s two of our guys to hold gold there since leaving us. Jakob has also won the RIPW Tag Team Championships with a guy from the SWF school I didn’t know. That was nice to see. The big man was turning into a star for them. I hated not having him -- but we were still developing nicely.

2018 had been a great year for us. We put on twenty-five shows. Forty-nine shows so far. I was eyeing our Third Anniversary for our 50th. We were not going to hold a RMW Live show for January just to make sure the Third Anniversary was show #50. I was excited. Beyond excited. I would finalize the card later, but we were about to turn the corner. We were so close to being listed as Regional -- I was going to bring out all of the stops to make sure we got to regional after show fifty.
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