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New Broadcasting Deal

Continental Wrestling League has signed a new deal with NCTV to begin broadcasting Saturday
Night Slammasters. This is a great opportunity for CWL programming as it puts its show on one channel that is nationwide in the United States.


New World Women’s Champion

Megumi Nakajima defeated Alicia Strong at STARDOM: Be a Player! to win the GWC World Women’s Championship. Nakajima is also currently the WCWG Triple Crown Champion. The thirty-six year old is an eighteen year pro who is most known for the sixteen years she spent employed by 5SWW -- where she won the All-Asian Championship three times, the Tag Team Championship once and is a two-time 5SWW World Champion. She is also a former WAW World Women’s Champion and a P-Girls World and Wrestling Spirit Champion. Alicia Strong had managed a record breaking 13 defenses in her six-month reign as World Women’s Champion.


New Junior Heavyweight Champion

Leo Loynes defeated Steven Stewart to win the vacant TGL Texas Junior Heavyweight Championship.


Companies Rise and Fall

Total Championship Wrestling has been reclassified as ‘National’ as opposed to Cult, whereas their competitor Supreme Wrestling Federation has been reclassified as ‘Cult’ as opposed to National. 21st Century Wrestling has also been reclassified as ‘National’ as opposed to International.


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