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Default WMMA3 Win XP SP3 v Win 7 weirdness

First of all, I am sorry that I am bothering many of you who have moved over to the newer WMMA games, but this is something I have noticed recently and is superbly confusing for me
I have to note that I am using the MW14 mod.

At home, I have a laptop running on Win7 that I play the game on via Steam. It is a Lenovo G50-45, so basically AMD QUAD-CORE A8-6410 on 2.0-2.4 GHz and 4GB of RAM. It is not much, but it's okay and I haven't noticed anything too much until.

Recently, at work, where I am running a Win XP SP3 with Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 at 3.0GHz with 2GB of (naturally older type of) RAM and I have noticed that day-to-day advancing is faster, as well as switching between different windows, as well as opening up contracts and whatever for fighters. Naturally, the game on XP is not played via Steam, as the support for that is now gone.

The Win7 install on the Lenovo is fresh(as I did a full nuke and then reinstalled) but the loading times on the Win7 were as fast as they are now, while on the XP it runs faster(?!?).

To sum it up, why does the game run faster on XP SP3?(or is it something to do with Steam?)
Would the code/receipt from the Steam purchase be viable for non-Steam version of the game?(A.k.a. downloading it from the site)

P.S: Don't hate me for playing at work, I am surrounded by old people who do things slowly, while I need half the day to finish everything on my plate...
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