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Ooooh, nearly a whole month gone. That's staying power that. Have I jinxed it now?

Show 4, Week 4, January 2008

It's Wednesday.

It's the INY Arena.


Impact Weekly!

Jerry Eisen

"Hello fans and welcome, to Impact Weekly!"

Travis Hoffman

"I'm Travis Hoffman alongside Jerry Eisen, it's time for a show!"


"It's the run-in to Revolution Begins, and there's plenty of action lined up before saturday's showcase! We've still to decide the final competitors for the INY World and INY Tag Team title matches, and all the glory that the gold entails."


"And we'll be finding out one of those right away - it's time for Thug Life to face Damned Youth for that final Tag Team Titles match spot."

Thug Life (Slim V & Hardcore Killah) vs. Damned Youth (Filth Sylvain & Clash Rotten)

In a typically wrestling 'battle of the stereotypes', it's rap vs. punk. As is also typically wrestling, it's the genre featuring guitars that gets the victory, as Damned Youth get the pinfall win.

"So, we now know the four teams from which one shall come out of saturday night with the INY Tag Team titles. It'll be The Chaos Demons vs. The Gilbert Brothers vs. Free Love vs. Damned Youth, at Revolution Begins."

Just as Damned Youth head through the curtain, with Thug Life just getting to their feet in the ring, a high-pitched scream echoes out across the arena...

And the bassline kicks in, as Trauma, Java, and a heavily bandanged Sayeed stand at the top of the ramp making their now trademark arms-crossed-over-head gesture. They hit the ring, as Thug Life do their best to prepare for another battle.

Journey with me, into the mind of a maniac...

They collide, fists fly, but Thug Life can't sustain two fights in such quick succession and soon succumb to defeat.

Barrel one, tears your motherf*cking flesh, barrel two, tears your f*cking heart out your chest...

The Kings of New York aren't done yet though, as Trauma and Java drag Slim V to his feet, and despite his apparent injuries, Sayeed goes under the ring...

Returning through the ropes with a guitar, he raises it above his head...

'Cause i'm a Natural Born Killa!

And slams it down in an explosion of woodchips over Slim V's head. He then snatches a microphone from the clearly intimidated ring announcer, music still blaring out, he simply shouts over the top of it...


"Listen the f*ck up! We got jumped by these b*ullsh*t wanna be gangstas and their loudmouthed sh*t-talking manager. I see the Carl ain't at ringside, but i don't need to look at his little f*cking bitch-ass face to tell him this... You may have taken me out last week, but i'm still standing here! I ain't fighting, but my two boys here are happy to, so that's exactly what they're gonna f*cking do on saturday! Java and Trauma up against Thug Life at Revolution Begins, and we gonna make it perfectly f*cking clear that this is our turf, and we ain't gonna take no bullsh*t about it!"

We cut backstage, and it's the all too familiar sight of Elijah Harris, shaking his head...

Ash Campbell vs. Citizen X

Whereas it was calmness and a logical approach that lead to Jim Force defeating Ash Campbell, this time it was the beserker-like furious onslaught of Citizen X that got the victory.

Genghis Rahn stands in front of a camera backstage, grimace on his face and a mad stare in his eyes. The staticness of the shot is more than enough of a hint that any cameraman feels much safer outside of the room - this is just Genghis and a tripod.

[center]Genghis Rahn

"Hardcore Legend. That's what i am. And there may be some pretenders to that throne, but I am here to stay! No imitations shall ever come close to what i have been, what i am, and what i forever will be! All you need to do is look through my career. The tables that i've broken - and that have broken me. The fire that has burnt me - and burns within me. The blood that pours down my head - and through my veins. Nobody has given as much as me! I put every effort into getting where i am, and nobody shall come close! And Henry Lee, who's taken a few shots in some bingo hall all of a sudden thinks he's on my level... Well listen here Henry, I've bled in all the bingo halls you have, and then i've got up and dragged my ass over to stadiums in Japan, been in exploding rings and wrapped in barbed wire, and then i've dragged my ass over to cage matches in Russia, and had my face grated against the steel... And then i've dragged my ass here! And i'm still going, still living, still fighting! I am all that hardcore is! You don't even come close, and nor should you! I will be at the top until I can fight no more, and then that will be it. No more hardcore, because once I go it all goes. And i will not stand pricks like you destroying my legacy! I'll retire you at Revolution Begins, and just etch another name onto the gravestone of imitators. You weren't the first, and i'm sure you won't be the last, but you all go the same way. The same thing always, always happens. I defeat you, and I carry on fighting. Always have, always will."

Elsewhere, Henry Lee is in a similar set-up. He's far more welcoming of the INY staff though, and is even having a joke with the audio tech before he's told he's on.

Henry Lee

"Hardcore Legend. That's what they call me. And i'll be damned if it doesn't flatter me... But everything i've done, i don't see it as legendary. I just do what i can in this sport, because I love it. I love the rush, the thrill, the joy of competition. And one of the big benefits is that people love me for that, and i'll never be able to truly express how grateful i am for that. And I know, i can be a bit too modest sometimes, but whilst I don't think of myself as a hero of any sorts..."

His tone suddenly changes...


"I do take severe offence to the likes of Genghis Rahn telling me i've done nothing of note! He of all people should know the pain, the agony, the suffering that both he and i have been through! But he won't accept that we're on the same page. He's convinced that he's the only one of note! And i don't know whether he genuinely believes that, or if he's just afraid. Afraid of someone taking away his mantle. And i may not be certain, but i've got a hunch that it's the latter. And as such... I know just what i'm going to do. Win or Lose, at Revolution Begins i'm going to use my body, and everything i can grab, as a weapon. And i'm going to throw myself of the highest structures, hit him with the hardest shots, and take the most spectacular falls that everyone watching will sit up in unison, and say one thing - 'I want to do that'. And i'm going to make sure that I inspire an entire generation of hardcore fighters! I'm going to get so many people taking up this artform that he can't dream of fighting them off! And i'm going to make sure that every single one gets a very special title. Every single one, will be called 'Hardcore Legend'."

Somewhere else in the building, we see Bart Biggz watching a monitor of tonight's action.

Ash Campbell, still in his ring gear and tired from his match, walks past the open door - and Biggz is quick to talk to him.

Bart Biggz

"Ash! Hey, Ash!"

Campbell stops, seemingly glad of the rest if nothing else.


"Bad luck on the loss, I like your style and I think you'll go far. Y'know, we're not too different Ash. We're both constantly in the shadow of someone else, and i feel that's completely undeservedly. I'm going to prove i'm the better Biggz, and..."

Interrupting, though not with the intention of rudeness...

Ash Campbell

"And i'm the better Campbell! So far, it's been nothing but bad luck, or he's got connections and is holding me down! Yeah, that's it! Hey dad, i know you're listening to this! Well... Screw you!"

He stares at the ceiling for a little while, then runs out of the room, his lack of energy having practically dissapeared. Biggz shakes his head, expecting a somewhat more mature character, and goes back to watching the monitor. And on it...

Flickers an image of Stevie Grayson, decked from head to toe in personalised merchandise. Already you can tell he's a modest character.

Stevie Grayson

"Hi, i'm Stevie Grayson and this is the 'Grayson Face-On' public service announcement! Do you want official Stevie Grayson temporary tattoos on your face? Well right now Stevie Grayson says they're all yours for just $59.99!"

He walks over to a garish selection of outfits...


"And don't forget, the Stevie Grayson range of official Stevie Grayson shell-suits is still avaliable now! All officially by Stevie Grayson! Remember, if it's not Grayson, it's not worth it!"

Stevie Grayson vs. Elijah Harris

'The Human Merchandise Machine' hits the ring in one of the aforementioned shell-suits, making a point of waving the price-tag in the face of as many fans as he can on the way. Elijah Harris shakes his head on the way down, Grayson oblivious as he tries to sell his 'Officially by Stevie Grayson official range of Stevie Grayson zebra stickers' to the referee, but as soon as the bell rings Grayson is all business - or to use a better choice of words, is all about the action. This approach clearly catches Harris off-guard, and despite a few attempted comebacks it's all Grayson from start to finish.

"The INY World Title match has been decided! Revolution Begins will see Whistler vs. Bart Biggz vs. Stevie Grayson vs. Travis Century go at it for the gold! See you on saturday!"

Show Results:

Damned Youth def. Thug Life (E-)
The Kings of New York get revenge on Thug Life... (F)
...And a match against them (C-)
Elijah Harris shakes his head... (D)
Citizen X def. Ash Campbell (E+)
Genghis Rahn's views on 'Hardcore'... (C)
...And Henry Lee's (B-)
Bart Biggz and Ash Campbell meet backstage (D)
Stevie Grayson is: The Human Merchandise Machine (C-)
Stevie Grayson def. Elijah Harris (D)

Show Rating: D
TV Rating: 0.10
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