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Default Alliance Supershows

Originally Posted by e-rock View Post
I would love to see some sort of annual event that an alliance can put together with all it's promotions. My thinking on this is you're given one or two matches to book (depending on size) from your promotion that will be integrated to an alliance wide supercard. The guys you book could get a considerable pop boost across the territories the alliances covers. Just another way to add to the realism of alliances and make them a different playing experience.
I tried this with an alliance that I created in play. I have tried to book an annual supershow by alliance loans or loans through relationship. The problem I run into is I can do any loans again for six months. They think I have loaned too much. Another problem is the victories by other feds' workers are limited in their application to their home fed. Is there a way around this? or something in the works for 2020 that might address this?
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