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Main Event
Rocky Mountain Heavyweight Championship
Sixty Minute Time Limit
"Bad Bad" Lenny Brown versus "The Evolution" Primus Allen (c) w/ Lisa Bowen
Brownís a good addition but Bowen and Primus are rolling

Co Main Event
If Bulldozer wins, he gets a rematch against Allen, if Valentine wins, C-V-2 get a COTT World Tag Team Title shot
Forty-Five Minute Time Limit
"Bulldozer" Brandon Smith versus "Cool Hand" Casey Valentine w/ Lisa Bowen
I like the stip but with Bulldozersís commitments elsewhere Iím going with Valentine.

Tag Team Match
Thirty Minute Time Limit
The House of Stone [Ancrie & Wildside] versus The Ring Generals w/ Lisa Bowen
Do the young guys get a huge win? Naw Iíll take the former and future COTT World Champions

Singles Match
Thirty Minute Time Limit
KC Glenn versus Brent Hill
Hill has been elevating since he arrived. KC has the added pressure of Dad now watching. Keep the girl happy KC

Opening Match
Singles Match
Toma versus "Intrepid" Ian Identity
Ianís been on a decent midcard roll but something is missing....

Special Pre Show Attraction
Ray Badell versus AG4000
I thought when AG came out he was AG5000, but with the losses he has become 4000. Will he redeem himself and get a thousand back.....?
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