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News and announcements

An excerpt from an ALPHA-1 press conference:

Journalist: Do you have any comments on Tadao Miyazaki, the current leader of Tier II in ALPHA-1 Middleweight division, joining Empire Combat Academy?

ALPHA-1 Spokesperson: Certainly. We are happy to see one of our prospects join the most prestigious of Japan’s training camps. It shall be interesting to see how much will he manage to round up his primarily karate-influenced skillset, and seeing as he is a first non-Super Heavyweight MMA fighter in ECA we are understandably eager to see the results of his training.

J: ECA is known mainly for being a dojo for shooto and strong style wrestlers. Are you not concerned that having a fighter train in an organisation even loosely connected with faked fighting will damage your reputation? You might have heard how Lance Decker, CEO of GAMMA, decribed ALPHA-1 as “faked, just like wrestling”…

AS: As far as we know, Mr Decker never attended any ALPHA-1 event. One should not care about opinions of people who talk about what they have never seen.

J: Speaking of things never seen, Seth O’Breen has just won BCF Lightweight Championship in a FOTY candidate. Are the rumours that ALPHA-1 started negotiations with him then backed off true?

AS: Yes. Our local representatives have contacted Mr O’Breen, as he is no doubt the kind of talent we appreciate in ALPHA-1. However, the Management has decided that hiring another federation’s champion just after he won his title is not what we consider proper conduct. Also, we want to observe Mr O’Breen, who is still young and developing, to see how he handles the pressure of being a champion.

J: Mr Decker commented on that too, saying you “chickened out” of the deal and that ALPHA-1 are, well, “pussies”.

AS: As I said, one should not care about opinions of people who talk about what they have never seen.



Other companies' events

GAMMA 23: Dean vs. Thomas 8.03.1998

(Prelim) Ken Peters (9-0) beat Bill Cumming (27-13)
Tony McCall (33-10) beat Gary Sampson (16-6)
Mike Watson (10-0) beat Kendall Tracey (8-2)
John Rivero (13-2) beat Anthony LeToussier (12-1)
Matthew Dean (32-5) beat Patrick Thomas (16-4)

- Ken Peters, a Canadian wrestler known mostly for grinding out decisions, earned a great ovation from the crowd and a Fight of the Night award by differing a bit from his usual modus operandi – he did take his opponent down fast, but then proceeded to have a hardcore fist-and-elbow fight from the guard, which ended up as a way to lure Bill Cumming out of position to take his back and choke him into submission mere seconds before the end of the round

- The man with the fastest hands in MMA, or so it is claimed, “The Calgary Assassin” Mike Watson, has claimed another victim. All it took was reversing the clinch with Tracey near the cage wall (a kickboxer outwrestling a wrestler/boxer, not a bad thing), a step back and a barrage of punches that took Tracey off his feet without a chance in hell. Watson just made the ALPHA-1 shortlist.

- In a main event title clash between “The Anarchist” Matthew Dean, one of two or three best middleweights in the world and perhaps the best wrestler in the sport, defeated “The Titan” Patrick Thomas, the hardest punch in that weight division after a match that had its ups and downs, with Thomas throwing some good punches and even almost putting Dean down, but a well applied arm triangle sealed things off.

WEFF 5 26.03.1998

Piper Evergood (3-0) beat Kirsten Page (1-1)
Rachel McGuiness (4-0) beat Beckie Dexter (1-1)
Samanta Sachs (6-0) beat Luka Baker (7-4)
Phoebe Bergman (6-2) beat Maggie Martin (4-2)
Haley Croft (6-0) beat Emma Birch (3-1) to retain the WEFF Heavyweight title

- No highlights as the show was very average

BCF: Keane vs. O’Breen March 29.03.1998

Doug Hansen (16-4) beat Steven Griffin (12-6)
George Laurent (37-12) beat Adrian Majoram (5-1)
Eddie Whelan (11-3) beat Dave Lennon (13-5)
Nathan O’Reilly (27-14) eat Tucker Plumm (14-8)
Martin Cupples (7-0) beat Vikram Sithalayan (16-3)
Edgar van der Hoogenband (4-0) beat Michael Moodie (3-1)
Seth O’Breen (14-0) beat Jake Keane (22-5) to win the BCF Lightweight Title

- Tucker Plumm, a decent karateka, and Nathan O’Reilly, an uninspiring brawler, had an unexpectedly fantastic match in the Middleweight division, with knockdowns, reversals, mounting and finally a barrage of right hands from O’Reilly proving superior to Plumm’s educated feet and getting a TKO. What made the match so exciting was probably the fact that neither of the fighters took any time to hang back and plan things, instead throwing strikes all the time (almost 100 strikes, half of them accurate, were thrown in an eight minute match).

- Martin “The Crippler” Cupples, a young and promising boxer, scored a huge upset when he defeated Vikram Sithalayan, a Pakistani wrestler and one of the best Middleweights in the world, by decision. With Sithalayan controlling his opponent on the ground for a huge part of all three rounds and Cupples only having eight accurate punches to his name (albeit two of them were near-knockdowns), the judges were accused of racism and favouring an English fighter.

- In a gruelling and absolutely incredible five round match, “Submission King” Seth O’Breen won the BCF Lightweight Title against “The Natural Talent” Jake Keane. O’Breen, a young student of Sil Beatha, is known for his perfect record, great submission skills, toughness and all-round skill and Keane is one of the most underrated and consistent all-rounders in the game. Both of them shined in the match, from trading submission attempts in the first two rounds (with each fighter getting to the other’s back just as the round finished), to O’Breen knocking Keane down with a huge punch in round 3 only for Keane to defend brilliantly while being mounted and slipping out of an armbar attempt into side control, Keane’s scorching leg kicks being traded for O’Breen’s huge hands, the final round opening with O’Breen putting Keane down with his fists and an exciting scramble that led to both men being back on their feet, and finally a great sprawl by O’Breen putting Keane in a turtle position and vulnerable to a great armbar that sealed O’Breen’s victory and cemented this great show’s place as one of the best MMA shows ever aired, despite only 2,290 people buying the PPV.

ALPHA-1’s Warriors Of The Ring 31.05.1998

Riding the way of momentum following the announcement of him joining the elite Empire Combat Academy, the 23-year-old Tadao Miyazaki (8-0, II 1st) is going to try and break into Tier I in the main event of the upcoming episode of WotR. The youngster’s karate skills are among the best in the division, and ECA is sure to improve on his already decent ground game. That additional edge will sure be useful against Haranobu Oshiro (15-5, I 4th), who can easily go toe to toe with Miyazaki in the striking department, being a great kickboxer with impressive MMA experience for his age, although he is said to have some mental problems that Wudang Academy coaches will have to help him overcome.

All three other announced matches are Newcomers’ Gauntlet matches, all of them featuring debutantes that are already well known to fighting sports’ fans (although some of those sports are more obscure than the others).

Dae Yung Moon (7-0, N) was one of the most dominating Taekwondo fighters of his time, winning the World Games, World Cup and Asian Games. Now, having moved into MMA, he’s already considered among top 15 Light Heavyweights by Blurcat. As his first Newcomers’ Gauntlet fight he faces Tsuramatsu “The Berzerker” Inoue (24-15-2-3, III 4th), a veteran whose pro record is quite impressive for a 100% brawler.

Ewerton Feitosa (8-0, N) is a son of the legendary Ricardo Feitosa Jr. and the heir of Feitosa BJJ Academy, the best BJJ school in Brazil. A highly respected submission fighter, after two years in MMA he’s amassed an impressive 8-0 record. His opponent, Naoki Itoh (22-16, III 2nd), is his complete opposite – a veteran with many storied matches under his belt, but recently on a losing streak, Itoh’s career has all been about his left hand, which has knocked out more people than Feitosa has fought. Itoh is nearing the end of his prime as a fighter and no doubt is looking for some achievement to crown his career, and what greater achievement in MMA is there than knocking out a Feitosa?

“911” Sadatake Hiro (5-0, N) is not as well known a name as the other two newcomers, but submission wrestling aficionados surely recognize him as a nationally ranked fighter. He’s been out of public sight for some time, honing his MMA skills, and emerged as a relatively unknown, yet powerful fighter, who at 30 years of age is ready to find his success at the grandest stage of all, in ALPHA-1. Takafumi Ando (14-10, III 5th), a huge wrestler sometimes called “the Dump Truck” who lacks much technical skill, does not seem like an insurmountable obstacle, but the big man can use his veteran guile to score an upset.

ALPHA-1’s Warriors Of The Ring 31.05.1998 Prediction Card:
ME Middleweight: Haranobu Oshiro (15-5, I 4th) vs. Tadao Miyazaki (8-0, II 1st)
SME Light Heavyweight Newcomers’ Gauntlet: Dae Yung Moon (7-0, N) vs. Tsuramatsu Inoue (24-15-2-3, III 4th)
Light Heavyweight Newcomers’ Gauntlet: Ewerton Feitosa (8-0, N) vs. Naoki Itoh (22-16, III 2nd)
Heavyweight Newcomers’ Gauntlet: Sadatake Hiro (5-0, N) vs. Takafumi Ando (14-10, III 5th)


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