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ALPHA-1 Warriors of the Ring - March 29th, 1998

The March edition of Warriors of the Ring has been dubbed “The Debut Show” and for a good reason, as three out of four matches held there will be Newcomers’ Tournament in the Middlewieght Division. There are eight new fighters in that division, but ALPHA-1 Management decided that only four of them will be competing in a mini-tournament – perhaps due to the fact that there’s not enough space on the show for 7 matches, or maybe because Oleg Dorosklov is already preparing for another fight and Jonathan Huang’s way too expensive to have him potentially fight three times on free TV. Therefore, according to ALPHA-1 rules, both finalists of the tournament will count as having passed the Newcomers’ Gauntlet and will be seeded into the ALPHA-1 Tier Ranking.

In the first match of the night Fumiki Ikeda (5-0) will be facing Kadonomaro Deguchi (2-0). Ikeda is an ex-pro wrestler, which in Japan means his body has gone through hell, but he did learn how to be tough. With his legitimately threatening submissions and ground game, as well as good all-round skills, he comes into this tournament with a not unreasonable hope of extending his winning streak. Deguchi, a hot prospect from Team Top Japan, is – despite being only 22 – one of the most decorated amateur wrestlers that Japan has ever seen. He is a phenomenal wrestler specialising in takedowns and top control, but doesn’t have much in the submissions department, so it remains to be seen whether he will be able to smother Ikeda into a win.

The other tournament semi-final features the second highest profile signing for the division. Sebastian Schiller (3-2), taking on Tetsuji Myojin (4-0). Schiller is a Muay Thai legend and with a good reason, but he is 34 and his record is less than stellar due to his non-existent ground skill. Perhaps this is why he was put against “Rampage” Myojin, a young Sambo student whose diverse skills should make him a good test for Schiller – and perhaps allow him to score an upset.

The main event of the night is a real treat, as the winner will be named the next ALPHA-1 Heavyweight Title contender! Mason Archer (15-3, I 4th) will be fighting Armen Sarkisian (22-2, I 3rd). Sarkisian, an Armenian powerhouse from Euro Team Thunder, is considered by Blurcat to be the fourth best Heavyweight in the world (the fact he’s only third in Tier I is a testament to the division’s talent depth) and 21st best fighter pound for pound. He has earned his fearsome reputation and impressive record through some of the best Greco-Roman wrestling ever seen in MMA, combined with incredibly powerful fists and a great strategic mind honed by the years of experience collected first in Europe and more recently in Japan. His opponent, standing at the impressive 6’8, is no slouch either. Mason, a Slaughterhouse member hailing from Canada, combines his long reach with his Kyukushin karate training, especially with his great long jabs and some of the best kicks you will ever see. Vulnerable on the ground, he will have to try and knock Sarkisian out or keep him at distance and pepper with shots if he wishes to fulfil his dream of holding the ALPHA-1 Heavyweight Title.

ALPHA-1: Warriors of the Ring 29.03.1998 Prediction Card:
ME Heavyweight Contendership Match: Mason Archer (15-3, I 4th) vs. Armen Sarkisian (22-2, I 3rd)
SME Middleweight Newcomers’ Tournament Final: Winner of SF1 vs. Winner of SF2
Middleweight Newcomers’ Tournament Semi-Final 2: Sebastian Schiller (3-2) vs. Tetsuji Myojin (4-0)
Middleweight Newcomers’ Tournament Semi-Final 1: Fumiki Ikeda (5-0) vs. Kadonomaro Deguchi (2-0)
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