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Default WCW: The Big Bang!

Originally Posted by Eric Bischoff
Well, here we are! WCW's first pay-per-view since I whipped the company from right under Vince McMahon's nose and rescued it from the abyss... or worse, some ill-fated, half-baked "invasion" angle! If you thought the mood backstage would be tense, you'd be absolutely... WRONG!

See, fortunately, we have this guy called Dusty Rhodes, you may have heard of him. He had all the boys (myself included) wrapped around his little finger and falling about in hysterics at his hilarious road stories spanning almost three-and-a-half decades!

Eventually, I had to cut him off to talk business, but that's only because he would've kept going until Starrcade if I hadn't (and wouldn't have needed to repeat a story once)!

I had checked the "dirt sheets," and was quite satisfied to find that, out of ten points that were being speculated on, no-one online had even guessed half of them correctly! According to my sources backstage, even the WWF had barely any idea where I was going with any of this! MY personal favourite rumour was that Booker's injury was a work and he would be winning the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship tonight. Sorry to disappoint, internet, but his injury is 100% legit! And I wasn't even trying to swerve everyone (bro), I have a lot of long-term plans in mind and tonight would be just the first step...


What a way to start the show. Jim Duggan might not be the greatest "worker" of all time, but the fans love him and they were instantly into the show from the moment his trademark yell played over the speakers! But who would his opponent be?

WCW World Television Championship

Jim Duggan (C) vs Disco Inferno

Disco Inferno had answered the challenge! As is traditional for Duggan, the crowd began the match with a resounding "USA!" chant, which prompted Disco to point out that he, too, is American. These two great entertainers spent the majority of the match "working the crowd," getting them warmed up for the rest of the night ahead, rather than trying to put on a five-star classic.

The finish came when Disco grabbed Charles Robinson to shield himself from Duggan's Three-Point Stance Clothesline, while someone snuck into the ring and attacked Duggan!

Who the Hell is this?!

The mystery attacker hit Duggan with the WCW World Television Championship belt, then climbed up to the top rope... with a rug?! He jumped off, hitting a Splash onto the rug, onto Duggan! He then rolled out of the ring, dragged his rug with him, and Disco let Robinson go.

By the time Robinson finished berating Disco and turned round, the mystery attacker had dropped down at ringside and was hiding from the referee's view, so "Lil Naitch" was very confused as to why Duggan was down on the mat. Disco marched over, picked Duggan up and hit The Last Dance for the one, two, three!

In a decent match, Disco Inferno defeated Jim Duggan in 11:24 by pinfall with The Last Dance following interference from Khosrow Daivari. Disco Inferno wins the WCW World Television title.

The Insiders, Diamond Dallas Page & Kevin Nash, made their way to the ring!

DDP and Nash soaked in the adulation of the 6,300 fans who had sold out the Harvey Randall Wickes Memorial Stadium in Kochville, Michigan. Eventually, the fans gave them a chance to speak.

Nash spoke about being back in his home state, but not being booked on the card, which drew heavy boos from the live crowd. Next, DDP talked about WCW putting on a show called "The Big BANG!" and not including him, but it's okay, "me and big Kev, we've got a solution..."

Before he could finish his thought, here comes Sting!

Sting said that, if DDP and Nash wanted to talk about disrespect, Sting had been loyal to WCW for fourteen years, since before it was even called World Championship Wrestling! "And yet, I'm not booked on this historic card? Kev, you're not booked in your home state of Michigan? Page, you're not booked on The Big Bang?"

DDP interrupted, "I DON'T THINK SO!" Page then pointed out that there were three members of the Magnificent Seven who didn't have matches tonight, and he said he's pretty sure the crowd would like to see Nash, Page and Sting kick their asses, right here, right now!

Nash said the three aren't leaving the ring until they get their match, so, "Buff, Lex, Animal... get your butts out here right now so we can hand 'em to ya!"

The Insiders & Sting vs Totally Buffed & Road Warrior Animal

This match began as more fan service to bring them back up after watching Jim Duggan get screwed out of the WCW World Television Championship. Eventually, the Magnificent Seven representatives took a shortcut and got the upper hand, isolating DDP from his partners.

After what seemed like an eternity of triple-teaming, Page managed to drop Luger with a desperation Diamond Cutter, which brought the crowd to their feet. DDP couldn't capitalise with a pinfall attempt, but he did start to slowly drag himself to his corner. Animal ran in, grabbed Luger and dragged him back to their corner to tag himself in, but it was too late!

Page tagged Nash, and Big Sexy ran roughshod over Animal! Nash then tagged Sting, they fired Animal off the ropes for a double team, and Bagwell made a blind tag! Nash and Sting hit their double team, then Nash went to follow Animal as he rolled out of the ring. Buff sneaked in behind Sting, rolled him up, put his feet on the middle ropes and got the shock win!

In a bout that had fantastic heat and decent wrestling, The Magnificent Seven (Buff Bagwell, Lex Luger and Road Warrior Animal) defeated Sting and The Insiders in 15:59 when Buff Bagwell defeated Sting by pinfall, illegally using the ropes for leverage.

Bagwell rolled out of the ring to check on Luger, and Animal rolled into the ring to escape the grasp of Kevin Nash, who headed to the back with DDP and Sting. As Animal celebrated his team's victory in the ring, the lights suddenly went out!

When they came back on, Animal was in a crumpled heap in the ring, with Totally Buffed looking confused at ringside, and DDP, Nash and Sting looking equally perplexed at the top of the ramp!

WCW Cruiserweight Championship

Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Shane Helms (C)

Chavo and Shane went out there and tried their best to steal the show. If it hadn't been for the sheer star power in the six-man tag, this match would probably have been the best of the night so far!

In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn't have much heat, Shane Helms defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr. in 18:42 by pinfall with a Vertebreaker. Shane Helms makes defence number 1 of his WCW Cruiserweight title.

We cut to a camera backstage in the Magnificent Seven's dressing room. Buff Bagwell walked up to his locker and noticed a note stuck to the door of it. We don't get to see the note, but Buff looked very spooked, crammed his stuff into his bag and made a beeline for the locker room door, presumably leaving the arena in a hurry...

WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Championships

Filthy Animals (C) vs Elix Skipper & Kid Romeo

This match was chaotic! Mostly in a good way, high spots galore, but also occasionally in a bad way. It's astounding that no-one ever really clocked this before, but Kidman and Misterio have zero chemistry as tag partners. They almost got in the way of each other's spots a few times in this match, and it was one of the shortest on the card!

Billy Silverman had a nightmare of a time keeping the two teams within the traditional tag team wrestling rules, and actually ended up having to throw the match out via double count-out when Kidman and Skipper spilled to the outside and got carried away fighting each other, despite Misterio and Romeo's requests that Silverman let the two of them fight it out as if they were the legal men.

In a poor match, Filthy Animals drew with Elix Skipper & Kid Romeo in 11:09 following a double count out.

The camera once again cut to the backstage area, where officials were crowding Lex Luger, who was sitting on the floor, stunned and with blood running down his face! The officials asked Luger if he knows who attacked him, but he didn't see the attacker.

Grudge Match

Dustin & Dusty Rhodes vs Jeff Jarrett & Ric Flair

This match told an excellent story. We started out with Dustin and Jarrett in the ring, but Jarrett tagged out before they could even make contact! Flair came in, but he told Dustin he wanted Dusty! Dustin looked at the crowd, who started to chant "Dusty! Dusty! Dusty!" Dustin tagged his daddy in, and the crowd exploded!

Unfortunately, while they were posturing to the crowd before the tag, Jarrett blind-tagged himself back in, but stayed on the apron. As Flair and Dusty circled each other, ready to lock up, Jarrett jumped in and took Dusty out from behind! Jarrett and Flair then spent a good ten minutes beating down the American Dream, being sure to cut the ring in half and keep them near their corner, not hesitating to take shortcuts to keep the match in their control.

Eventually, they took one too many shortcuts, and Dustin rushed the ring, pushing Charles Robinson to his backside to get to the opposite corner... and grabbed Dusty in a Reverse DDT position! Dustin lifted Dusty up and drove him into the mat to a huge chorus of boos!

Jarrett and Flair looked confused - it was apparent this wasn't some sort of master plan on their part - but Jarrett was quick to capitalise, locking in the Figure-Four Leglock. Dusty screamed out in agony, but fought against the pain, until Dustin came back to the ringside, stared Dusty right in the eyes and laughed. Dusty looked dejected and tapped out to end the suffering.

In a bout that had good heat and decent wrestling, Jeff Jarrett and Ric Flair defeated Dustin and Dusty Rhodes in 17:17 when Jeff Jarrett defeated Dusty Rhodes by submission with a Figure-Four Leglock. During the match we also had Dustin Rhodes turn on Dusty.

Ric Flair was walking backstage after the match and let out a "woo!" He then stopped in his tracks, looked around like he felt like someone was watching him, shrugged and walked off, complete with more "woo"ing. As he walked out of frame, a figure emerged from the shadows in the background, but it was too dark in that corner of the room to see who it was...

WCW World Tag Team Championships

Palumbo & O'Haire (C) vs Team Canada

This was a regular formula tag match, but don't let that make it sound like it wasn't also a good match. After an initial flurry of offence by the champions, Storm & Awesome took control, working over Palumbo, keeping him away from his corner. Eventually, Palumbo caught Storm with a Clothesline, which left both men down.

Both men crawled to their respective corners, with the crowd eagerly anticipating O'Haire getting back into the match. The tags were simultaneous, and Awesome showed off his incredible agility by popping up to the top rope as O'Haire rushed across the ring. Awesome hit a Cross Body Block, but O'Haire rolled through and, in an unbelievable display of strength, lifted Awesome up and dropped him with the Widow Maker for the pin!

In a decent match, Palumbo & O'Haire defeated Team Canada in 18:09 when Sean O'Haire defeated Mike Awesome by pinfall with The Widow Maker. Palumbo & O'Haire make defence number 1 of their WCW World Tag Team titles.

Once again, the camera cut backstage and found a member of the Magnificent Seven in trouble! This time, it was Jeff Jarrett, who was bloody and unconscious with officials trying to bring him around!

WCW United States Heavyweight Championship

Rick Steiner vs Ernest Miller

Rick Steiner's mysterious opponent turned out to be Ernest Miller! Steiner actually smirked when "The Cat" came out, but underestimating Miller turned out to be a mistake. To the delight of the crowd, this was a very open match, that either man could've won on numerous occasions.

Towards the end, Miller looked like he was getting ready to hit the Feliner on a groggy Steiner, when Kanyon came out to ringside with the returning Kwee Wee and got into an argument with Miss Jones!

Miller took his eyes off Steiner to keep an eye on the situation at ringside, and he missed Steiner recovering enough to climb to the middle turnbuckle and hit Miller from behind with the Steiner Bulldog for the win!

In a decent match, Rick Steiner defeated Ernest Miller in 16:19 by pinfall with a Flying Bulldog after a distraction from Kanyon and Kwee Wee. Rick Steiner wins the WCW United States Heavyweight title.

After the match, Kanyon, Kwee Wee and Rick Steiner are beating down Ernest Miller, when...

M.I. Smooth comes charging down to the ring!

Unfortunately, Smooth wasn't enough to overcome the odds, and the trio's focus simply shifted to beating him down while Miller rolled out of the ring to lie on the floor, with Miss Jones trying to fan him back into consciousness.

Oh! My! God!

Randy Savage sprinted down to the ring to a huge pop from the audience! Savage slid in and fought off Kanyon, Kwee Wee and Steiner, clearing the ring and saving Miller and Smooth!

Savage grabbed a microphone and let the world know that he was the mystery opponent for Scott Steiner for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship! The crowd went wild, and Scott Steiner came out onto the stage, looking like he'd seen a ghost!

WCW World Heavyweight Championship

Randy Savage vs Scott Steiner

When Steiner finally got into the ring with Savage... they didn't click. It's unfortunate, but sometimes two wrestlers simply don't have great chemistry together. Nonetheless, the crowd enjoyed the match, especially when Savage planted the Elbow Drop right in the heart of Steiner for the pin!

In a bout that had fantastic heat and good wrestling, Randy Savage defeated Scott Steiner in 22:49 by pinfall. Randy Savage wins the WCW World Heavyweight title.


Originally Posted by Eric Bischoff
What a show! It was good to be back, and everyone did their jobs brilliantly! I'm sure the internet will question some of my decisions on this show, but once the long-term storylines come into fruition, they'll be eating their words!

After the pay-per-view went off the air, Scott attacked Randy as he celebrated, but then Booker ran out and made the save, then celebrated with Randy after a slightly tense handshake, much to the delight of the live crowd. When they came back through the curtain, I gave Booker a hug, then complimented Randy on his good performance, particularly in his short promo, and praised Scott for his great performance, both "selling" the news that he was fighting Randy, and in the match itself!

Bring on Nitro...

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