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After Raw is War ended Paul Heyman had other things in mind as he wanted to take some talents and make them into a golden potion that would give him the utter benefit to which Heyman might actually have the backup he needed. On the other hand the first show of Raw is War, under Paul Heyman did a great job in utilizing the pushes the fans wanted on the other hand argues the fact that the heels and faces have nasty ****ed up gimmicks.

Heyman made several phone calls before sighing into his chair when he was thinking to himself to why the hell he is even in charge of WWF when Vince could have done himself. He is questioning himself to why everything is too complicated at this moment, to why everything had to relate to him. His thinking leads him to relieve those gruesome moments on how McMahon used to despise ECW and how Heyman would take them in and try for the hardest to keep ECW going.

Heyman seems a have a grudge inside him, itís almost as if he was about to cry to how McMahon destroyed ECW, the empire which Heyman built with blood, sweat and tears to how it went all into ashes, all in a minute. Heymanís blood was boiling thinking of how he would take the revenge onto McMahon himself, to what planning could make that happen, to how Heyman can show McMahon that he is the best there is, even better than anyone in the world and to show no one can stand up to him.

Heyman was thinking all this into his head while suddenly he was interrupted by the knocking of Vince McMahon himself. McMahon seems to be tensed and happy at the same time. McMahon says that he is right about Heyman being the booker of his entertainment business, his only precious child. Heyman on the other hand plays it cool and continues to discuss his matter with McMahon very calmly. McMahon says Heyman can get whatever he needs, but has to fulfill his destiny of destroying the WCW completely and forever by putting on the best of best show ever made. McMahon says that he is hoping for Heyman to be the best there ever is, but with an unusual smile, which Heyman didnít like at all, but played it safe agreeing to what seemed best at the time.

Heyman played it cool with McMahon as McMahon talked about how WCW is a ****ed up promotion, while he trusts Heyman to make the best of the situation. Heyman endured every ****ing single of it, but as soon as McMahon left the room, Heyman had other goals in mind. Heyman wanted to destroy McMahon, destroy the McMahon name, the empire, make it his. Heymanís head fills up with fabulous ideas of how he will make it work, but now, now is not the time to be up with such stuff. He still has a lot of time with WCW showing up again. Heyman thinks to himself about how destiny is playing its games while itís up to Heyman to shoot McMahon right in the head.

Heyman only has one question in mindÖWHAT"S THE NEXT MOVE OF WCW?
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