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Vince McMahon is furious over the WCW being revived. He threw that goddamn chair into the TV screen. McMahon is counting his time and the plans he needs to go forward into. This isn’t the time to play noticing that WCW is back on charge. McMahon still has a question to WHY? Why is WCW even back onto the scene where WWF should have clearly won? Why is everything confusing all of a sudden?

McMahon mumbles to himself about needing a plan to get his shoes on and being the company that should destroy the WCW for ****’s sake. This isn’t a playground for kids to be hanging around anymore, he needs to get his ass back onto something that should be a severe, even a more blasting competition to that mother****ing WCW. In fact McMahon is still confused if he will be able to defeat WCW singlehandedly, but soon that light bulb pops up on his head as he remembers that he has defeated the so called ECW in an absolute ravishing manner. McMahon knows that ECW was almost gaining the attention they needed and was soon on the verge of becoming one of its unique kinds.

McMahon once again thinks to himself trying to answer the question to what if? What if he gets Paul Heyman to help him beat that returning WCW, but what if he fails? McMahon is ****ing sweating nonstop to the fact that his defeated competition just started airing in an unknown manner, but for what’s sake? Why? THE **** WHY?

McMahon has decided that he believes to do the only thing that would save his company and the McMahon Family name itself as that is to hire Paul Heyman himself to help him build the company alongside McMahon himself. Heyman is a brilliance and an intellectual when it comes to the wrestling business, not to mention the ECW era that he had onto himself, he really is one of its kinds. McMahon wasting no time calls Paul Heyman telling him all the details that just went on. Heyman on the other end is quite surprised that WCW is back on the TV, he really is damn confused, firstly questioning to WHY THE **** WOULD THAT HAPPEN?

McMahon continues to explain about his plan, while Heyman went silent, in fact question why would be even need Heyman when he can do it himself, when he should be doing that as he already took Heyman’s Empire away. McMahon argues with Heyman before finally coming to the decision that Heyman would join forces with McMahon but on one condition that he gets all the rights and creative control onto himself as well as that he himself will deal with everything that will be happening from now on. Heyman assures McMahon that they shall be the ones to TAKE WCW DOWN FOR GOOD THIS TIME!


Date: Mon, Week 1, May, 2001
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