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What a card... show must be at least 2 hours long for all that to go down!

Ladder Match
North American Heavyweight Championship
"The Supreme Star" Spencer Spade w/ Lisa Bowen versus "The Cornerstone" Riley McManus (c)
Comment: I'm having trouble seeing how Riley can win this, but I really don't think he won the title just to lose it immediately back to Spade

GWC World Heavyweight Championship
Ash Campbell w/ Lisa Bowen versus "The Boss" Ross Henry (c)
Comment: Ross has been built up and isn't losing this. Not to Campbell

North American Tag Team Championship
The Diaz Cousins versus Homegrown (c)
Comment: Cousins cement their heel turn with a win

Matthew Keith versus "Flawless" Franklin Rush w/ Lisa Bowen
Comment: He's Flawless

World Six Man Championship
The Mission & David Stone versus The Fallen (c) w/ Father Grim
Comment: Proper stable vs tag team plus one

North American Women's Championship
Jaime Quine versus "The Franchise" Brooke Tyler (c)
Comment: Jamie had her time, it's Brooke's turn now

15 Woman Mayhem Battle Royal
Number One Contender To the Women's Championship
Featuring: Danielle Sweetheart, Maria Guest, Tiffany Jade, Missy Masteron, Lucy Stone-McFly and ten other women.
Comment: It seems El Historian has a soft spot for her

United States Championship
Keith Holly w/ February Malaise versus "Lionheart" Funakoshi (c)
Comment: Holly'll be seeing butterflies after that backbreaker

Floyd Reeves versus "The Second Generation Superstar" Cameron Vessey w/ Lisa Bowen
Comment: Floyd Reeves? The Troubadour? He's back?

20 Man Battle Royal
Featuring: Jeffery Aroma, Greg Keith, KC Glenn, Ox Mastadon, Johnny Anderson and fifteen other CWL wrestlers.
Comment: These matches are big man matches first and foremost, Ox needs to come back with a bang
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