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Default SNSM Ep 89

Available on NCTV
Week 2, March 2023.
Filmed at: Irvine Hall [Mid South, USA]
In Attendance: 5,000 [SELL OUT]
Rating: 1.23 [925,180 viewers]
Commentators: Lee Bambino & Ricky Dale Johnson

LB: Hello and welcome to Saturday Night Slammasters on NCTV! I’m Lee Bambino and I’m joined in the broadcast booth by Ricky Dale Johnson. Tonight, the Television Title tournament begins and in our main event we have a massive World Tag Team Title Match!

RDJ: That’s right. The Global Wrestling Council has sanctioned CWL to be the organization that fills the vacant World Tag Team Titles. Will it be Bowen Services? Will it be the Keith Brothers? There is only one way to find out -- and that’s to stick with the show.

Opening Match
Singles Match
Fifteen Minute Time Limit
Television Title Tournament Round One

KC Glenn versus Pavel Vanzycha

In a bout that had good wrestling and a decent reaction from the crowd, KC Glenn defeated Pavel Vanzycha in 13:03 by pinfall with a Tune Up The Sunshine Band.


JQ: I’m an honest woman. At the Seventh Anniversary, I lost. Fair and square. I may not have been pinned or made to submit -- but I lost according to the rules of the match and I’m not complaining about it, but I know Brooke Tyler. Brooke Tyler wants to be considered the best. To do that, she’s still got to beat me in a singles match. Wrestling Summit VIII is only a few weeks away… So what do you say Brooke?

Singles Match
Fifteen Minute Time Limit
Television Title Tournament Round One

“The Hawaiian Heartthrob” Luis Cummo versus “Swedish Strong Style” Nigel Svensson

In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn't have much heat, Nigel Svensson defeated Luis Cummo in 12:15 by submission with a Hyper Extension Arm Lock.


A pretaped backstage interview in front of the CWL backdrop. Both members of Homegrown looked angry -- and time ticks by without them saying anything. Just staring at the camera. Finally, Clyde talks.

CP: Logan...James… Payback...Payback is gonna be hell.

Main Event
Tag Team Match
Thirty Minute Time Limit

The Keith Brothers versus Bowen Services w/ Lisa Bowen

In a bout that had superb wrestling and good heat, Cameron Vessey and Jeffery Aroma defeated The Keith Brothers in 21:49 when Cameron Vessey defeated Greg Keith by pinfall with a Vessey Driver II after Lisa Bowen interfered. During the match we also had Franklin Rush run in and attack Keith. Cameron Vessey and Jeffery Aroma win the GWC World Tag Team titles.

Jeffery Aroma was the weak link, struggling to keep up with everyone else's in-ring performance.


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