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Default SNSM Ep 86

Available on the Synergy Network, Southern States TV, & Hawaii 50
Week 3, February 2023.
Filmed at: Grissom Auditorium [South West, USA]
In Attendance: 2,000 [SELL OUT]
Rating: .63 [479,730 viewers]
Commentators: Lee Bambino & Ricky Dale Johnson

LB: Hello and welcome to Saturday Night Slammasters. I am Lee Bambino and I'm joined in the broadcast booth by "The Sheriff" Ricky Dale Johnson. We are coming to you tonight from Sin City... From Las Vegas, Nevada and the Grissom Audiorium. This is my first time in the play by play chair for Continental Wrestling League and what a show to start on. In our main event, "Lionheart" Funakoshi puts the United States Championship on the line against the other member of the European Stretching Crew, Pavel Vanzycha in what should be a thrilling contest.

RDJ: It definitely should be a thrilling contest and welcome to the broadcast booth Lee Bambino! Pavel cut his teeth in the Land of the Rising Sun where he learned to blend the European technical style with the ultra hard hitting style of Japan to create success. Last week, his partner Nigel Svennson came up short, and Pavel hopes to change that tonight and get his first taste of singles gold in CWL


RH: Kozue Kawashima… I’ve been waiting for this opportunity. The opportunity to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship. You’re an incredible athlete, a tremendous professional wrestler, and a proud champion. I have nothing but respect for you, but I have to beat you at No Law or Order. I want to be World Champion. I’ve faced every challenge the GWC has thrown at me. I’ve earned this opportunity and now you and I… you and I are going to get to go one one for the richest prize in the game. I’m going to bring you everything I’ve got. I’m going to hold nothing back and when the final bell rings I will be the World Heavyweight Champion.

Opening Match
Singles Match
Fifteen Minute Time Limit

“The Canadian Wrestling Machine” David Stone versus Hammer Hadley

In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn't have much heat, David Stone defeated Hammer Hadley in 12:09 by submission with a Stone Ankle Stretch.


RM: I did it. At the Seventh Anniversary, I did what I set out to do. I became North American Heavyweight Champion. I achieved my goal and now in just over a week I will stand alongside four other men as we step into the most brutal match up known to man. Ten men. One ring. One steel cage. Submissions or surrender only. The kind of match that breaks bodies, that shortens careers. The chance to end Bowen Services for good is on the line. So now that is my new goal. To see the dissolution of Bowen Services. They’re all great wrestlers, but that wicked witch Lisa Bowen has them doing bad, bad things. So at No Law and Order, with Homegrown and the Keith Brothers by my side, I will end Bowen Services!

Tag Team Match
Fifteen Minute Time Limit

The Heartbreak Express versus The Fighting Irish

In a bout that had decent wrestling but non-existent crowd heat, The Heartbreak Express defeated The Fighting Irish in 9:44 when Johnny Needham defeated Robbie McNamara by pinfall with a Moonsault.

Singles Match
Fifteen Minute Time Limit

“The Queen of Hearts” Danielle Sweetheart versus “Self Made” Missy Masterson

In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn't have much heat, Danielle Sweetheart defeated Missy Masterson in 11:08 by pinfall with a Super Kick.


Foxxy LaRue cuts a promo hyping up her upcoming match with Brooke Tyler.

Main Event
Singles Match
Twenty Minute Time Limit

Pavel Vanzycha versus “Lionheart” Funakoshi ©

In a bout that had good wrestling and a decent reaction from the crowd, Funakoshi defeated Pavel Vanzycha in 14:11 by pinfall with a Butterfly Backbreaker. Funakoshi makes defence number 7 of his CWL United States title.


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