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Default SNSM Ep 84

Available on the Synergy Network, Southern States TV, & Hawaii 50
Week 1, February 2023.
Filmed at: Perry Hall
In Attendance: 1,408
Rating: .57 [430,190 viewers]
Commentators: Michaels Riggs, Ricky Dale Johnson, Jasmine Saunders

MR: Hello and welcome to another exciting and thrill packed edition of Saturday Night Slammasters. We are coming to you from Perry Hall. We are just a week removed from the Seventh Anniversary -- which is officially the best show in CWL history. What a show it was. We crowned a new North American Womenís Champion when Brooke Tyler managed to defeat Tiffany Jade and Jaime Quine and walk out with the championship. Ross Henry defeated Tommy Cornell and continued his winning streak against GWC picked opponents and in our main event -- Riley McManus ended Spencer Spadeís run as North American Heavyweight Champion and officially became the first three-time North American Heavyweight Champion in history.

RDJ: It was a magnificent night of professional wrestling with an ending that Walt Disney couldnít have thought up -- but what will the fallout be? You know Lisa Bowen and Bowen Services cannot be pleased with the result.

JS: Before we can find that out, Hailey Hunter is standing by backstage with a very important announcement.


We are backstage where current representative of the CWL management, Hailey Hunter is standing looking directly at the camera.

HH: Hello ladies and gentlemen. I wanted to start this episode of Slammasters off with a very important announcement regarding No Law or Order 8 coming up at the end of the month. As you know, Ross Henry was originally scheduled to face GWC World Heavyweight Champion Kozue Kawashima for the championship at the Seventh Anniversary, but an injury to Kawashima kept that match from happening. After his victory over Tommy Cornell and with Kawashima just cleared this morning by his doctor, I can officially announce that at No Law or Order 8, Ross Henry will get his GWC World Heavyweight Championship opportunity!

Hunter smiles but a voice from off camera interupts her.

LB: Oh great. An opportunity for a guy that Bowen Services put down.

The camera zooms back and Lisa Bowen is clearly not happy.

HH: Lisa, this isnít the time. Iím in the middle of a live announcement.

LB: I donít care. I donít care about Rossí title shot. I donít care about your announcements. I care about Bowen Services. I care that Spencer Spade gets his rematch against Riley McManus for the North American Heavyweight Championship.

HH: Spencer doesnít have a rematch for the North American Heavyweight Championship. We do not have contractually guaranteed rematches in CWL. You know that.

LB: I also know that Spencer Spade is the most dominant, Supreme champion the CWL has ever had and deserves an opportunity. All of Bowen Services deserve opportunities!

HH: Bowen Services wants an opportunity?

LB: Of course.

HH: Well, I have an idea, Lisa. And Iíll take it right to the CWL match-making committee, but Iím sure they will agree with me. I think at No Law or Order 8, Bowen Services will be in action as a five-man unit. Spencer Spade, Ash Campbell, Cameron Vessey, Franklin Rush, and Jeffery Aroma. All five of them against five wrestlers -- including the North American Heavyweight Champion Riely McManus and the North American Tag Team Champions Homegrown...and heck, the Keith Brothers. A ten man tag. But not just any ten man tag. Letís do it in a steel cage.. A Steel Cage Warfare match. If your team wins, Spencer Spade can have a rematch and you can get one other title shot for your unit -- whether a Tag Team, United States, or even a World Six Man opportunity. But if your team loses, Bowen Services must disband.

LB: What!?! Disband!?! I donít think so.

HH: Well, you donít have to have the match. Thatís fine with me. But if you think you deserve championship opportunities -- this is how to get them.

Lisa Bowen looks frought before nodding her head.

LB: Fine. Take the match idea to the matchmaking committee. My guys will be ready.

Lisa storms off and leaves Hailey Hunter in front of the camera. She looks at the camera.

HH: Iím sorry you all had to witness that. It was not in my plan for this. So I guess we have two matches to announce officially for No Law or Order 8. Ross Henry versus Kozue Kawashima for the GWC World Heavyweight Championship and, pending CWL matchmaking committee approval, Riley McManus, Homegrown, and The Keith Brothers will face Bowen Services in a ten-man Steel Cage Warfare match up!

Opening Match
Tag Team Match
Fifteen Minute Time Limit

The Heartbreak Express versus European Stretching Crew

In a bout that had decent wrestling but non-existent crowd heat, European Stretching Crew defeated The Heartbreak Express in 8:35 when Pavel Vanzycha defeated Ralph Liotta by submission with a Cross Armlock.

Singles Match
Fifteen Minute Time Limit

KC Glenn versus ďTop RopeĒ Robby Griffin

In a bout that had decent wrestling but little heat, KC Glenn defeated Robby Griffin in 10:42 by pinfall with a Tune Up The Sunshine Band.


AA: At the Seventh Anniversary, I secured the winning fall in the eight woman tag match and guarenteed myself a championship opportunity. Iíve spent the last week trying to decide did I want to challenge Brooke Tyler for the North American Womenís Championship -- a championship I badly want -- or did I want a chance at the World Womenís Championship. It was a tough choice, but I made it. At No Law or Order 8, Iím coming for Alicia Strong. Iím coming for the best womenís wrestler on the planet. Iím coming for the richest prize in Womenís wrestling. I will be World Champion. Itíll happen at No Law or Order 8!

Singles Match
Fifteen Minute Time Limit

Foxxy LaRue versus Selina Svelte

In a bout that had decent wrestling but little heat, Foxxy LaRue defeated Selina Svelte in 9:04 by pinfall with a Flash Head Kick.

Main Event
Singles Match
Twenty Minute Time Limit

Ranger versus ďFlawlessĒ Franklin Rush w/ Lisa Bowen

In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn't have much heat, Franklin Rush defeated Ranger in 13:14 by pinfall with a Flawlessplex after a distraction from Father Grim.


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