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Leo Loynes signed

Leo Loynes has signed a developmental contract with CWL. Loynes is a five year pro who graduated from the Mid Atlantic Bootcamp in 2017. He has spent his entire career up until now with MAW where he is a former American Champion and twice won the Sam Keith Classic. He is also a former COTT World Junior Heavyweight Champion and the twenty-six year old looks to be a bright prospect for the future.


New GWC World Junior Heavyweight Champion

Mokuami Maita ended the reign of Jorge Lima as Junior Heavyweight Champion after just won week. This is Mokuami Maita’s second reign as champion. In his previous reign, he managed to defend the championship thirteen times over the course of four months. Maita is a very accomplished Junior Heavyweight, currently also one half of the PGHW Glory Crown Tag Team Champions, a former PGHW International Champion, a World Level Wrestling Modern Japan Champion, a four time WLW Tag Team Champion and a former WLW Tap Out Champion.


Robbinfield, Hazard Gang, Dan Stone III, and Nolan Dunn to TGL

Harvey Robbinfield, Buck Winchester, Wes Revell,Duke Hazard, Dan Stone III and Nolan Stone are all reporting to TGL to work. Robbinfield has failed to impress since joining TGL late last year, while the Hazard Gang has struggled in their return to build consistency in their performances. Stone and Dunn are both very young in their careers and the hope for all of them is that they can become major players for TGL, especially with the call ups creating openings.


The Cummos and The Heartbreak Express called up

Former two-time Texas Tag Team Champions, The Cummos and former one-time Texas Tag Team Champions, The Heartbreak Express, are being called onto the main roster. With two members of the Stone Foundation, The Hazard Gang, and Samoan Mafia all reporting to TGL recently it has created openings in the tag team division that both teams hope to fill.


TGL To Introduce New Championship

Texas Grappling League has announced a new championship -- the Brass Knuckles Championship -- to be contested on their shows. With the Heavyweight and Junior Heavyweight Championship being the main targets for the weight classes, the Brass Knuckles Championship will offer an openweight experience for the TGL roster and the opportunity for more TGL grapplers to mix it up.


Montoya wins Rip Chord Invitational XVIII

Jared Montoya has won the prestigious Rip Chord Invitational Tournament. This is the eighteenth installment of the tournament that was started by Rip Chord in 2006. Jared Montoya is a six year pro who graduated from the Mid Atlantic Bootcamp in October 2016. This is the second time he has won the Rip Chord Invitational -- he also won it in 2021. He’s a two-time winner of the Sam Keith Classic (2021, 2022) with his partner and recent CWL signee Leo Loynes as well as a former COTT World Heavyweight Champion. Montoya is said to be high on the wish list for CWL and the rumor mill says that he will soon be joining the ranks.


The Oklahoma Lion
Leo Loynes
Age: 26 [5 years pro]
Size: Muscular Lightweight
Finishing moves:
God Crush [Snap Brainbuster]

Leo Loynes is a Technician, trained at the Mid Atlantic Boot Camp, who turned pro in December 2017. From Oklahoma, he is 5'8 and 201lbs and is a heel through-and-through. He utilises the 'God Crush' as a finisher.

Career Highlights:
COTT World Junior Heavyweight Championship
MAW Mid Atlantic American Championship
Sam Keith Classic Winner [x2]
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