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“Again.” Brooke said. Or demanded. That is a better word for it. She had always been a bit of a demanding person. She learned it from her father Eric. She was nice, but she was very type A. Things needed to be her way or she got uncomfortable. Fortunately for her, Jaime Quine was very laid back. The two had become friends working for the Stones. Quine had been the AAA stand out brought North and Brooke had been the daughter of an extreme icon trying to show herself to be something different. They had bonded. Kindred spirits or something like that.

Alicia Strong leaned on the apron. Her eyes narrowed. She was watching this intently. She had become friends with Brooke and Jaime in their time in North of the Border together. When she had returned to USPW, she had lobbied to bring them both into the company but Packer was not having it. They weren’t entertainers -- they were pure wrestlers and that was something that he didn’t like. Alicia didn’t care. She was the daughter of the greatest entertainer in the history of wrestling, but she was also the protege of Sensational Ogiwara. She could *work* and she wanted other women that could really work.

Brooke and Jaime locked up. They had a good match at The Last Hard Men, but it wasn’t good enough. Neither woman was satisfied with it. Neither woman wanted to just have good matches. So here they were. Monday afternoon. Continental Wrestling League headquarters. The training class was done for the day and they had the ring to themselves.

Headlock, push off, shoulder tackle, drop down, hip toss, back to the headlock. Takeover. Counter. Stand back up. Tackle. Drop down. Hip Toss countered. Get it again. They worked through their spots. Back and forth. Silent. They were learning each other. Learning movements. Positioning. Learning so they could work snug and silent. Not give anything away. Brooke prided herself on being a technical maestro. Jaime on her striking -- particularly her kicks. They made for a good combination.

Alicia watched. She was the World’s Champion. She had just been over in England for BPW. She had been discussing some options for a new women’s promotion to run Japan and join the alliance. Nothing had happened yet, but she was championing it. Plenty of women could run it. Could give women another place to work and another opportunity to defend the World Women’s Championship. She would be heading to Mexico soon for OLLIE. Then probably North of the Border. She was a busy woman and she was loving it. She loved touring. She loved being the representative of women’s wrestling for the whole organization. She took pride in it.

Just like she took pride in Brooke and Jaime. Alicia and Jaime were the same age, had been wrestling the same amount of time, but Alicia had spent her whole career on the big stages. Five time USPW Women’s Champion. She had been the face of women’s wrestling in America -- and now was the face of women’s wrestling in the world. The three best women’s divisions in North America were represented by her. The best women’s division in Europe was represented by her. Jaime had come up the hard way. Had cut her teeth in Seattle. She had proved herself. Alicia liked that. Brooke had proved herself with some fantastic matches against Amber Allen.

Now here they were. Alicia rolled under the bottom rope. “My turn.” She said.

Jaime nodded. “I need some water anyway.”

Alicia and Brooke looked at each other. Brooke was covered in a sheen of sweat. Alicia was fresh. They grinned at one another. This was going to be fun...
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