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NA Heavyweight Championship: Ross Henry vs. Spencer Spade (c) w/ Lisa Bowen
Comments: Tainted win for Spade, in order to keep Henry looking strong

Grudge Match: Matty Faith vs. Ash Campbell w/ Lisa Bowen
Comments: Pull yourself together, Matt!

Grudge Match: Primus Allen vs. Harvey Robbinfield
Comments: Primus continues the Climb (see what I did there?)

Loser Leaves Town: David Stone vs. Paul Huntingdon
Comments: I think the narrative gave this one away

NA Tag Team Championship: Homegrown vs. The Devil's Rejects w/ February Malaise vs. Gangsta Nation (c) w/ Brother G
Comments: Might be the toughest pick on the card, alongside the main event. Personal bias aside, I think the two contenders are established and the Nation needs to retain a bit longer here

NA Women's Championship: Brooke Tyler vs. Jaime Quine(c)
Comments: Brooke is good, but needs to build up her US pop and a bit more skill before claiming a title

Tag Team Match: The Keith Brothers vs. Bowen Services w/ Lisa Bowen
Comments: The Gold Rush story didn't feel like the start of a brother vs brother feud, so I'm guessing they win

GWC World Six Man Championship: The Fallen w/ Father Grim vs. The Diaz Family
Comments: The Fallen need to look like the big beasts they are and Ray Diaz is probably so deep in decline he'll take the pin

United States Championship: Dillion Wiuff vs. Cali Slick (c)
Comments: Dillion gets a chance at a big singles match to show what he can do but isn't winning it too
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