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  • The American Cobras, James Adams, & Giant Brody have signed contract with Dragon Kingdom Pro Wrestling. The four men were under non-exclusive contracts with CWL, but have signed exclusive deals with DKPW. DKPW Promoter Nobuatso Tatsuko, former CEO of PGHW was said to be estactic with the signing of all four men. The American Cobras and James Adams are said to be cornerstones of a junior heavyweight division that already includes Mystic Dragon, Elemental III and Sensational Dragon with Giant Brody joining a heavyweight division anchored by Funakoshi, Heihachiro Sakai, & Tatsuya Toshitara
  • Xavi Ferrera has signed an exclusive contract with TCW. He had been competing for CWL on a pay per appearance deal. TCW Match Maker Eric Tyler is very familiar with Ferrera from their time together in PSW and is said to be very high on the Puerto Rican grappler.
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