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He undid the laces on his belts. It wasn't a difficult process, but it was a process he took his time on. He didn't rush. He was enjoying the moment. This was; after all, his moment. Sure, he was no longer in front of the crowd, but this was still his moment. He had made history. For him, this was as important as winning the World's Championship. He had twice won the Rip Chord Invitational Tournament -- a tournament that was presented by his father. He won his father's Sam Keith Classic in 2016. He won the Oxford Invitational with his brother. Now he had defeated his brother to win the Gold Rush. He had done something no one else had done.

The Rip Chord Invitational had been going on since 2006 when Mainstream Hernandez won the first one. The Sam Keith Classic had been going on since 2011. This was the seventh Gold Rush -- the Oxford Invitational had five winners. These were prestigious events. Events that meant something in the wrestling world and no one could take away from him that he was the first to win all of them.

When Greg made his professional debut fourteen years ago, they had said he would be a future World's Champion. They said he would have a Hall of Fame career and then his brother took off. His brother attracted more press, more attention. While Greg was in Mid Atlantic Wrestling, Matthew was in Burning Hammer. Greg was pushing their father's promotion forward while Matthew was pushing his career forward.

Greg wasn't bitter. He didn't resent Matthew. He would have taken the opportunity too. It just didn't come to him when it came to Matt. Greg pulled double duty. He worked in Golden Canvas and Mid Atlantic -- and then suddenly they were both in Burning Hammer together. For three years. Then North of the Border for two. Now here. Together. Establishing identity as brothers, but this was Greg's own identity.

He didn't have to share this accomplishment. It was his. And just his.
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