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Originally Posted by mattandbenny View Post
Took control of GAMMA, ran a few tournaments. Did an 8 man middleweight & 8 man heavyweight tournament to determine the number 1 contender for the title for each division.

Middleweight competitors were:
Adam White (12-0)
Osmosis Benn (19-2)
Neil Napier (18-2)
Dwayne Alleyne (10-0)
Buddy Garner (16-2)
Tora Mizwar (24-7)
Ashley Ballard (14-1)
Timothy McNally (10-0)

Buddy Garner (Now 19-2) ended up submitting each opponent (Including Neil Napier in the final) so he will face Matthew Dean for the title.

Heavyweight Competitors were:
Antonio Rimando (2-0)
Michael Petkovic (3-0)
Sam Hoynes (8-0)
Harv Dennis (6-0)
Gaby Corrales (3-0)
Sylvester Collins (9-0)
Lars-Gunnar Ekberg (7-0)
Pqulie Albarado (6-1)

Lars-Gunnar Ekberg (Now 10-0) won stopping each opponent including Antonio Rimando in the final.

So i planned to have Ekberg face James Foster for the title however fast forward a few weeks and Foster said Ekberg wasn't high profile enough and refused to fight him! Dudes got 85% popularity in the US and is top 10 ranked. Thought this was a bit annoying.
Popularity also has 3 levels: regional, national and international. He probably only reached 85% high regional with the tournament and since your company is low national and James Foster is approaching international popularity, he doesn't want to fight such an unknown guy. Also I noticed that you didn't even include any of the top ranked contenders in the heavyweight tournament so maybe that also has an effect on how he's perceived even though he won.
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