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Started my save for the full game a few days ago, through the first two months and starting the third. So far nothing really shocking going on (especially compared to my GAMMA test save).

Took over both GAMMA and ALPHA-1, with the game idea being the two agree to leave each other alone and GAMMA focuses on the Americas and Britain while ALPHA-1 has Japan, Asia, Australia, and Russia. With the two splitting Europe (though still debating a future with SIGMA getting involved as the European company). I do allow ALPHA-1 any non-US based fighters with the Savage Stomps and Kicks attribute.

Not many changes here, foot stomps are outlawed but otherwise everything stays the same. Working on eventually disbanding the super heavyweight division but will be awhile. Card wise had GAMMA 50 and 51, sticking with just PPV cards for now.

GAMMA 50 had the rematch of Watson vs Rubenstein, with Rubenstein winning from a 2nd round TKO. Rest of the card played out as expected, Silva beating Kendall, White beating Ballard. Big Magic did pull and upset by TKOing Ricky Heath. Had my first Majority Decision, and a technical submission as well.

GAMMA 51 was another rematch, this one being Regueiro vs Brubaker, with Regueiro winning by an RNC in the 1st. Nothing else exciting, Boyer beat up on Tank, Dreck got a submission win from the bottom, Drew Jenks won by a TKO somehow, Carlos dos Santos was beating up on Franco in the prelims til he broke his hand (still won though).

Outside of that, moved to Mid National now and trying to get a deal with North America Prime Select.

Bit more changes over here. Set up a featherweight division and a women's bantamweight division. Also working on a women's featherweight division, only because I hired a few women accidentally that didn't fit in the bantamweight division. Rule wise, thought about switching to cage but decided (for now) to stick with the ring. Changed the round length to match GAMMA, and wavered again on elbow strikes but decided to outlaw them, at least for now.

ALPHA-1: Fezzik vs Sarkisian was the first card, with Fezzik unsurprisingly winning, TKOing Sark in the 1st. Arai beat Oktay in the co-main and the rest was pretty much favorites winning.

ALPHA-1: Fontes vs Endo was next, with Endo winning pretty easily with a first round TKO and calling out da Guia. Funaki TKO'd Xie Ming in the 1st, and Abe beat Akera. The card did end up having a corner stoppage after a broken jaw, followed by the next fight being stopped due to a cut (both on the main card) so yeah, imagine the crowd loved that.

ALPHA-1 also hit Mid National, but a month before GAMMA did. Otherwise not much else to report.

Really tempted to add SIGMA into the mix, as I said earlier, and have the world split with GAMMA's roster being mainly North America and South America, SIGMA having Europe, ALPHA-1 having Japan and Asia. Possibly then giving GAMMA Australia instead of ALPHA-1, Africa can be split between all three, and ALPHA-1 gets the middle eastern fighters.
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