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The Extreme Revolutionary Grappling Organization Presents: Opening The Soul Rift


The first ERGO Champion will be crowned! Two Four Way Elimination matches will determine the finalists who will face off in the main event for the ERGO Championship.

The Hellview Boyz vs Arthur Dexter Bradley & Nomad

Evil Spirit vs Laura Flame

The Aces Of Mayhem vs Devil May Care vs The Gilbert Brothers in a Ladder Match for the ERGO Duality Championship

Austin Smooth vs. Ricochet Ramone

Super Special Awesome Mystery Main Event for the ERGO Championship

Easy Prediction Key:
Aldous Blackfriar vs JOJI vs Raphael vs Roger Monteiro
Brimstone vs Hugh de Aske vs Matt Sparrow vs Remmy Skye
The Hellview Boyz vs ADB & Nomad
Evil Spirt vs Laura Flame
The Aces Of Mayhem vs Devil May Care vs The Gilbert Brothers
Austin Smooth vs Ricochet Ramone
(4-Way #1 Winner) vs (4-Way #2 Winner)

Originally Posted by MHero View Post
Swanton I love you and this.
Just you wait, this diary has only begun to be dumb!

Originally Posted by Pteroid View Post
Aldous looks like Noctis, Iím not the only guy seeing it right?
Huh, he does. Guess I just have to play FFXV now so I can overload this diary with references.

Originally Posted by Ayden View Post
Looks good

Can't wait for this

*Insert generic comment here*

But for real, you know I'll read along friendo! FYI, I liked the Travis Century bit before you edited it
Yeah that was a little embarrassing. And nobody is going to be believe that was an accident either...
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