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Pressed onward by his imaginary ursine friend, Remmy Skye takes to his cell phone contacts and Facebook messenger looking for anyone interested in working for him, starting with his former CZCW colleagues.

Hahaha! No.


How do I put this nicely? Teaming with you was one of the most unpleasant experiences of my life. Good luck with the show!

*You have been blocked by Mark Murdoch (Fox Mask)*

I am so sorry. My English is not very good.

We once talked for an hour about Metal Gear Solid! In English!

Uhh...You have dialed the wrong number, please hang up and try again. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-

You could've just hung up.



The last time we wrestled, you were so high that you thought I was an actual cat and kept trying to scratch my chin. Soooo... no.




And stop mailing me Tidy Cats! You know I only use Gritty Kitty Litter!


Eh, sure. Why not?

That's okay, I unders-Wait, really!?

Sure, I'm bored out of my mind anyways.

And with that (sort of) glorious signing, Remmy's momentum began to build...

Yarr! I've always wanted to work a match with ye!

Us too, eh!

Get out of me captain's chair!

Make us, ya hoser!

You tell 'em, Joe!

I thought you were Joe?

Nobody really cares, eh.

As the madness continued further on into the night, Remmy realized he needed to get all these names organized. Maybe put in some snazzy details about ERGO itself as well.
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