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TNA Impact!
Date: Tuesday, Week 1, Jan, 2006
Show Rating: 74
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Don West

-Paul Heyman opens up the show and comes down to the ring. Heyman talks about how he will make TNA the greatest wrestling promotion in the world and in order to do that he will be going to insane levels.
Rating: 61

-Paul Heyman was interrupted by non other than the icon Sting himself. Sting comes down to the ring and says that he wants his title rematch because Jeff Jarrett does not deserve to be the TNA World Heavyweight champion.
Rating - 75

-Sting calls out Jeff Jarrett and tells him to come down to the ring. Jeff's music hits and he is accompanied by the monster Abyss. Sting says that he wants his rematch as soon as possible because Jeff Jarrett cheated to win the TNA World Heavyweight championship, all thanks to Abyss.
Rating - 60

-Jeff Jarrett says that Abyss didn't help him cheat but was just there to watch the match. Sting is pissed by the comment and says that he will not tolerate such a useless bitching, he wants the title rematch because all Jeff Jarrett does is cheating and cheating to win this title and that title. The world knows about Jeff's tactics. Sting says that if it wasn't for Abyss he would be here as the champion right now.
Rating - 62

-Jeff and Sting goes chin to chin with each other as it seems they are about to brawl until Paul Heyman breaks them up. Heyman has a proposal that Sting might like. Heyman says that tonight Sting will be facing Abyss in the Mainevent, if Sting wins against Abyss he gets the shot for the rematch against Jarrett. Jarrett is pissed and yells at Heyman, who also adds that Jarrett will not allowed to be at the ringside.
Rating - 63

-Petey Williams and Sonjay Dutt defeated David Young and Jerrelle Clark in 12:38 when Sonjay Dutt defeated David Young by pinfall with a Sonjay Cutter.
Rating - 40

-Backstage in a dim lighted room stands Christian Cage, as he removes the hood he gives the viewers a pissed look. Christian says that Samoa Joe is worst X-Division champion in the history of TNA and its time for Christian to step up and fight Samoa to death before taking the TNA X-Division championship off him. Christian gives a menacing laughter before the room goes dark again.
Rating - 60

-Jerry Lynn defeated Roderick Strong in 14:11 by pinfall with a Cradle Piledriver.
Rating - 60

-Jerry Lynn helps Roderick Strong back to his feet. Lynn offers a handshake which Strong accepts, but Strong pulls Lynn back before Strong attacks Lynn and beats him down with striking chair shots as he taunts to the crowd as the booing goes on.
Rating - 50

-Backstage The TNA World Tag Team Champions America's Most Wanted enter Paul Heyman's office where they greet Heyman and tries to get on his good side. Heyman on the other hand declares that they have a match up next and tells them to be prepared. America's Most Wanted gives Heyman a sour look.
Rating - 62

-America's Most Wanted defeated Matt Bentley and Shannon Moore in 12:04 when James Storm defeated Matt Bentley by pinfall with a Death Sentence.
Rating - 68

-America's Most Wanted talks about any challengers who are willing to step up to them. Team 3D comes out to a great reaction and the team of Storm and Harris weren't expected at all. Team 3D rushes down the ring and beats down America's Most Wanted before posing with their title.
Rating - 70

-A hype video about the Mainevent where Sting faces Abyss, if Sting wins he gets the shot at the TNA World Heavyweight championship. Sting is shown preparing with a serious mood surrounding him.
Rating - 72

-Sting defeated Abyss in 16:10 by submission with a Scorpion Deathlock. The match also had a lot of interference: Jeff Jarrett targeted Sting, Jeff Jarrett distracted Sting, and finally Raven interfered against Abyss.
Rating - 76

-Jeff Jarrett is pissed at the win and orders Abyss to beat Sting and Raven out. Sting and Raven takes down Abyss with their respective finishers before shifting their attention towards Jarrett who quickly rolls out of the ring and starts yelling about how he will come back. Sting and Raven celebrates to end the show.
Rating - 80
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