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TNA Xplosion
Date: Tuesday, Week 1, Jan, 2006
Show Rating: 60
Commentators: Mike Tenay, Don West

-A Hype Video Plays showing Paul Heyman, who will be addressing the crowd at TNA Impact.
Rating - 57

-Chase Stevens defeated David Young in 8:49 by pinfall with a Death Valley Driver.
Rating - 42

-Backstage Sirelda is shown preparing when Gail Kim walks into the locker saying that tonight Sirelda will know what Gail Kim is all about. Sirelda looks confused.
Rating - 55

-Sirelda defeated Gail Kim in 10:07 by pinfall with a Chokeslam.
Rating - 41

-Gail Kim is pissed about how Sirelda took the win here and shouts at her saying that she will be taking her revenge for the humiliation.
Rating - 44

-Backstage interview with Austin Aries, who says that he will be future TNA should look upon as tonight is the night where he starts proving his worth.
Rating - 55

-Austin Aries defeated Shannon Moore in 14:34 by pinfall with a Brainbuster.
Rating - 62
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