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..Texas Falls Down, Only To Be Risen Once More..

..The Savior Became The Traitor, Rocky Streets Shows Colors..

Showing his true colors. Real colors. Rocky Streets. A man who many Texans would trust to lead Texas Wrestling League to the national status. To fame itself. The fans are really counting on this guy. Some even say that he should be the governor of Texas that year. That isn't until he shows his true colors.

All those things he had done for the company, all those two years, it ended. It just ended like a snap as soon as Supreme Wrestling Federation opens. When Richard Eisen shows his power. His dominance and soon, his ability to put up a good showing for the fans. His ability to show his product to the fans with ease. It wasn't fair for the other promotions. Especially Texas Wrestling League.

1972. Christmas. With Supreme Wrestling Federation just opened at start of spring. Texas Wrestling League wasn't threatened but the rest of the major promotions were.

Richard Eisen took out the best of the major promotion talent. Micky Starr signed an exclusive contract to Richard Eisen's SWF. Every major promotion wasn't safe.

Texas Wrestling League thought they will be safe in the hands of Rocky Streets and those who are loyal to Texas Wrestling League. But they don't know what came to them.

Betrayal. The biggest betrayal. Texas Wrestling gets betrayed. By their own booker. By Rocky Streets.

It was a big news. It was a big news for SWF of the signing of Rocky Streets. It was big because soon, he became the head booker of SWF.

Rocky Streets wasn't the only one who jumped shipped to SWF. From TWL to SWF with Rocky Streets, there jumped shipped Baron Von Rambis and Rick Rumble, two of the biggest stars of TWL. Then soon, half of the TWL roster came with Streets to SWF. It was the biggest blow. Bigger than how Clint Wayne almost put out TWL into bankruptcy.

SWF raided the best of the major promotions indeed and also the signing of Iron Michael Milligan and Tyson Lang were big. Former boxers who fitted with the New Entertainment product.

SWF was becoming a powerhouse. Raiding talents and trying to end every major territory promotion. First off with Texas Wrestling League and giving them a big low blow. Showing that they can kill any territory, they were trying to kill TWL. Were they really successful with this plan? Stealing Rocky Streets and half of the TWL roster???

It was bad enough but another savior shows up. A savior.

..The Best of Midcard Talent..The Next Savior..A Texan Native..The Lone Star Stampeder..
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