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Originally Posted by Historian View Post
Bison has developed into a very good worker -- he also has very good mic skills and is consistently at the top of my talkers list, I'm just attempting to get him a little bit more over so that he can really go at a higher level. There are plans for him.

I've been very pleased with the development of American Muscle. I liked Eddie Carter -- he was consistently getting good feedback from other workers telling me to push him, but he needed something more. Barrage is Howard Marquart, who was in developmental and was doing solid and also has very good babyface performance and solid fundamentals. While he's been the 'weak link' in the tag team matches, if Ballistic has say, been a B, he's been a C+ or B-, so it's not that he's a bad worker, it's just that's he's green and still developing.

Once I started losing the veteran talent, I had to have a plan and that plan was to start featuring the junior heavyweights more and try to build a solid division, because I have a lot of solid junior heavyweight workers.

Let's hope Bret can become a star. I'm sure DarK_RaideR loves seeing another multi-generational/family relation on my roster. Those are his favorites after all.
Yeah I know if you gave him a gimmick change and it reset his momentum you can see immediate results in terms of grades.

Interesting that the guys in the back like Eddie, usually means hes going to develop quickly and has high potential.

Any other guys on the roster the backstage guys really like?
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