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Matty Faith winning the tournament came completely out of left field for me, but I guess it is a step towards re-establishing the man after his initial success and subsequent "jobber to the stars" spot on his own or as part of the Mission. Having a second generation stars final was a pretty CWL thing to do too

The suspension of James Diaz also came out of left field. I know he starts as a negative influence but I figured he'd have gotten better by now. Hope the suspension does the trick, plus it could be used to spin a storyline too since James is heel.

I'm happy for Funakoshi breaking into PGHW, even if I had higer hopes for him in the tournament. As good as he is, he'll do better in Japan and a straightforward puroresu promotion than being another face in a foreign promotion.

The following workers have been granted their release from CWL (some were in TGL under developmental contracts):

Ranger: Much like Matty Faith, his initial success came to a halt and since he wasn't doing something like winning a title or tournament to bounce back, it makes sense for him to go. Probably letting Faith go full-on singles star now.

The Fighting Irish: Not the best, not the worst either. Think they didn't have enough time to shine. Maybe they'd have a chance once the European Stretching Crew left, but alas.

Skip Beau: Never cared for Skip, in CWL or otherwise.

Hellcat Hernandez: Hellcat is a favourite style of female worker, though she struggles to cut it in QAW and looks like she had the same issue here. I'm guessing some kind of hardcore promotion would be the best fit for her.

Masked Stranger: As generic as the Masked Mauler, but can actually wrestle. Apparently though not good enough to stay.

Toni Parisi: I like to think the New York Badass quit after seeing one too many cowgirls,rednecks, country strong and salt of the earth ladies getting a better push than her

Ray Badell: Ray was the Blue Collar Brawler, right? What happened to him, did he fall short?

Dash Roux: Can't remember this one, think he was a dojo graduate. But if I can't remember him, I guessing he wasn't that featured, right?

Harvey Robbinfield: Harvey's kinda decent for a sub-Cult promotion but not good enough for TCW or CWL.

Rocky Weatherfield: Rocky was a thing, I guess. Never has been a thing for me, so not sad to see him go.

Teresa Perez, Houston Handley: Wasn't one of these ladies married to Torment or something? Did some other promotion sign them away?

Tiffany Jade: Tif's good all around and pretty over, strange to see her go.

Foxxy LaRue: Baddest chick in wrestling. Hope she goes on to be the figurehead of some all-female promotion and climbs to the top of the wrestling world.

Hammer Hadley: Going to Japan at last?

Kip Keenan: Keenan was signed? Ugh, star-spangled outfits won't get you far in CWL kid, better put on a stetson

Blaisdell Michaud, Brian Stones, Cody Franklin, Eric Hackney, Danny Beneteau, Jurobei Takano, Tim London, Tommy Huey, Walter Lewis: Guessing these were TGL folks.
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