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Default CWL Presents: Wrestling Summit VII

Wrestling Summit VII
Saturday Week 4, March 2022
Live at the Lowe Ballroom [North West, USA]
Available on the Synergy Network & Southern States TV, Hawaii 50
In Attendance: 5,000 [SELL OUT]
Rating: .53 [398,160 viewers]
Commentators: Michaels Riggs, Ricky Dale Johnson, Duke Hazard

MR: Hello and welcome to Wrestling Summit VII! I’m Michael Riggs and as always I’m alongside the legendary Sheriff of professional Ricky Dale Johnson and The Marshall Duke Hazard. This is the marquee event for the Continental Wrestling League and we could not be more excited to be in the historic Lowe Ballroom -- it is filled to capacity with five thousand rabid professional wrestling fans and they are here to get the best night of wrestling you will find anywhere in the United States. We have eleven matches scheduled for tonight -- including a steel cage match for the World’s Tag Team Championships.

RDJ: The Fat Cats have head a death grip on the World Tag Team Titles since they won them back in August from The Mission, but Homegrown has gelled incredibly quickly as a tandem. Two products of the Rocky Mountain School of Wrestling -- two men who stand six feet ten inches and weigh in at over three hundred pounds. Locked inside a steel cage? It is going to be one heck of a fight.

DH: It sure is. The Fat Cats have proven to be one of the best tag teams in the world, they have defended the GWC World Tag Team Titles in Canada, Mexico, Japan, Australia, and Germany. No one has been able to stop them and I don’t think Homegrown is going to be able to stop them either. Just like I don’t think Matty Faith is going to be able to beat Spencer Spade!

RDJ: Spencer Spade is a heck of a wrestler, that is for sure. He’s incredibly talented. He has all the tools to continue to be a major player in the sport of professional wrestling, but he is going up against an incredibly motivated Matty Faith -- a Matty Faith that is hell bent on becoming North American Heavyweight Champion and continuing his family legacy here in CWL. Both men having something to prove and want to be the top of the food chain. Who will walk out tonight?

MR: We will find out tonight. There are so many big matches tonight, let’s get the show started.

Opening Match
Six Man Tag Team
Thirty Minute Time Limit

Gangsta Nation w/ Brother G versus The Diaz Family ©

The third meeting between these two teams. Gangsta Nation were previously the World Six Man Champions and the Diaz Family defeated them for the championships at No Law or Order. Tonight they attempt to make their first defense of the championships. The previous two meetings between these teams were very physical matchups that quickly turned into wild brawls. If the past is any indicator, these matchup would be just as action packed and just as wild. The only difference between this match and their previous two matches is that this match would be elimination.

History was an indicator. It took a few minutes before Ray Johnson was able to get the ring to just hold two legal men -- both teams started off with a crazy brawl around ringside -- one that say Sayeed Ali suplex the near three-hundred pound James Diaz into the steel guard rail. James laid on the outside while Raymond and Cali Slick became the legal men.

Raymond showed why he became known as a legend in the sport of wrestling in Japan by attacking Cali Slick with a viciousness that would have made a lesser man give up then -- but Cali Slick is a man who cut his teeth in the Warehouse of Long Beach -- bleeding and getting beat with all sorts of items -- so he can take a whoopin.

Ali and Muvva came in illegally and the two of them hit stereo mafia kicks on Raymond Diaz that allowed Cali Slick to hit the Slick Back on Raymond and make the cover. Raymond was the first elimination.

Logan Diaz -- who was left alone right now because James Diaz was still recovering from the huge suplex into the guard rail -- came in like a house of fire. He hit three headbutts -- one for each member of Gangsta Nation. The former two-time North American Heavyweight Champion showed what has turned him into one of the biggest success stories in CWL history. Logan hit a huge Belly to Belly Suplex to eliminate Cali Slick.

Muvva came right right in and hit a mafia kick on Logan, but Logan shook it off and the two men started brawling. James Diaz finally got back on the apron. The four men left took it to each other until Logan caught Muvva with a Belly to Belly and eliminated him -- followed up by hitting Sayeed with one and the Diaz Family retaining the World Six Man Championship.

In a bout that had good wrestling but didn't have much heat, Diaz Family (James Diaz, Logan Diaz and Raymond Diaz) defeated Gangsta Nation (Cali Slick, Sayeed Ali and Hustle Muvva) in an Elimination match in 14:48; Raymond Diaz was eliminated first, then Cali Slick, then Hustle Muvva, and finally Sayeed Ali. Raymond Diaz and The Diaz Cousins make defence number 1 of their GWC World Six Man titles.

MF: Tonight.. I claim my destiny. Tonight, I get what Spencer Spade has tried to keep from me. I have been waiting years for this moment. On the biggest stage of them all, Wrestling Summit, I will drive my elbow into Spencer Spade’s chest. I will take the Leap of Faith and I will stand in the center of the ring as the king of mountain. Tonight I become North American Heavyweight Champion -- and you can have faith in that.

Special Attraction
Singles Match
Twenty Minute Time Limit

OLLIE’s El Jaguar versus Cameron Vessey w/ Lisa Bowen

El Jaguar is a standout luchador who has previously appeared in CWL when he worked for CZCW when he competed in the second annual Oxford Invitational. Since then, he has become a standout performer for OLLIE -- he has been a tag champion there and has really shown himself to be an incredibly talented and capable luchador. Cameron Vessey is looking to rebound and build some momentum. He was having a good United States Championship run before David Stone caught him with the German Suplex and got the victory in February on Slammasters.

The two men went at it and Vessey looked very comfortable against the luchador. Vessey did spend quite a bit of time working for World Level Wrestling and got very used to working against luchadores -- despite being more of a classic American style professional wrestler.

El Jaguar looked a little off his game though, there were a couple of times he slipped off the ropes when going for some springboard moves. This was a back and forth contest with neither man really being able to dominate, but each having control for short spurts. Vessey caught a springboard attempt from El Jaguar and hit him with a Vessey Driver II and scored the victory.

In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn't have much heat, Cameron Vessey defeated El Jaguar in 12:28 by pinfall with a Vessey Driver II.

Grudge Match
Tag Team Match
Thirty Minute Time Limit

The Fallen w/ Father Grim versus The Keith Brothers ©

The Fallen have been a thorn in the Keith Brothers side for months. Since August of 2021. So about seven months to get to this tag team match, billed as The Final Chapter between these two teams. The North American Tag Team Titles are on the line -- titles the Keith Brothers have held since the Sixth Anniversary.

It was also another clash in styles that told a fantastic story. Scythe and Hellion are massive men -- like the Rejects -- both are very talented brawlers, though Hellion moves with an agility and speed that shouldn’t be popular in a man his size. Hellion started the match and he immediately took control on Greg Keith.

Greg is the slightly smaller brother -- despite being an identical twin, Matthew is about fifteen to twenty pounds heavier than his brother because of muscle mass. Hellion took it right to Greg, using the one hundred pound weight differential to his advantage. Heavy strikes to the back and midsection. A huge body slam that not only drove Greg into the mat but also made him carry all of Hellion’s weight on his chest.

The Fallen punished Greg -- who really got the crowd into the match with his selling. The crowd came out of their seat. Greg kept trying to fight back while Matthew tried to egg him on and give him encouragement. Eventually, the hot take was made and Matthew came in cleaning house. Hellion and Scythe actually came off their feet for Matthew -- who gave each of them big snap suplexes. Matthew hit a second rope headbutt onto Hellion and then tagged Greg back in right before taking Scythe over the top rope with a big lariat.

Greg, covered in sweat with his body red and swollen from the beating he had taken, came into the ring with Hellion. Hellion got back to his feet and Greg caught him flush with a standing dropkick that staggered him. Greg then made a cutthroat sign and he lifted Hellion up and brought him backdown with a snap Brainbuster -- a very difficult move to pull off on a man Hellion’s size. Greg made the cover and got the three count.

The Keith Brothers defeated Scythe and Hellion in 13:35 when Greg Keith defeated Hellion by pinfall. The Keith Brothers make defence number 2 of their CWL North American Tag Team titles.

Singles Match
Thirty Minute Time Limit

Jaime Quine versus Pinky Perez ©

The World Women’s Championship was next. Pinky Perez, a luchadora signed to North of the Border Pro Wrestling and reigning World Women’s Champion was squaring off with former North American Women’s Champion Jaime Quine.

This match was very underwhelming. It was clear that Quine, as talented of a wrestler as she is, was not comfortable working with someone who was a luchadore and Pinky Perez, as talented as she is, could not gel with the standout grappler.

Quine dominated most of the match, with Perez selling and trying her best to make Quine look good. Jaime hit a bit kick that knocked Perez to the apron. While Darren Smith was checking on her, Brooke Tyler ran in and hit Quine with a massive Regal Plex that took Quine out. Brooke hightailed it out of dodge as Pink got back to her feet and hit the Pink Butterfly Powerbomb on the dazed Jaime Quine to get the pinfall victory.

Pinky Perez defeated Jaime Quine in 9:49 by pinfall with a Pink Butterfly Powerbomb following interference from Brooke Tyler. Pinky Perez makes defence number 10 of her GWC World Women's title.

Singles Match
Thirty Minute Time Limit

“High Flyin’ Hawaiian” James Adams versus KC Glenn ©

This match started with a handshake between two men who have a lot of respect for one another and were wrestling to see who is the best and not out of any personal vendetta. The definition of the sport of professional wrestling. Both men are sensational wrestlers who have really been on a tear recently, receiving rave reviews from critics and they came out of the gate wrestling an extremely competitive match.

This was a fast paced, back and forth contest that mixed fluid technical wrestling with several big high spots. At one point, KC Glenn hit Adams with a big suplex, rolled through so he had him back up, spun it out into a back breaker and then hit a springboard moonsault that got a near fall.

Adams hit several big dives and lived up to his nickname, High Flyin’ Hawaiian. He hit a springboard blockbuster that almost got him the victory before hitting the Pacific Crush and getting the three count to win the World Junior Heavyweight Championship after a thrilling contest.

James Adams defeated KC Glenn in 13:56 by pinfall with a Pacific Crush. James Adams wins the GWC World Junior Heavyweight title.

Singles Match
Thirty Minute Time Limit

Lucy Stone-McFly versus Alicia Strong © w/ Lisa Bowen

The third generation standout, Lucy Stone-McFly, a former North American Women’s Champion in her own right, and the second generation Alicia Strong went about tearing the house down with the best women’s match the company has ever put on. Lucy worked as the underdog, in her second year as a pro against the much more experienced and world traveled Alicia Strong. Strong used her sized and her power to control Lucy, and Lucy bounced around the ring for her.

Lucy made a big comeback that saw her hit several of her family’s trademark suplexes -- including a version of her cousin David’s German Suplex that almost won her the match. Strong kicked out just before the three. Lucy pulled Alicia up and went for the Delorean Driver, but Alicia countered into a Strong Arm Tactic that she got all of -- and retained her championship.

Alicia Strong defeated Lucy Stone-McFly in 16:04 by pinfall with a Strong Arm Tactic. Alicia Strong makes defence number 4 of her CWL North American Women's title.

Singles Match
Thirty Minute Time Limit

“Hollywood” Bret Starr versus “The Canadian Wrestling Machine” David Stone (c)

Bret Starr is currently employed by NOTBPW -- and is one half of the Canadian Tag Team Champions. He wants to be the first man to hold two titles in different GWC organizations -- and he is challenging stand out wrestler and two-time United States Champion (with the most total defenses of the championship and counting), David Stone.

Starr is related to the legendary Mickey Starr, another in the long line of multi-generational stars that CWL has brought in. Starr, a born entertainer and a natural heel, walked out and was immediately hated -- which added to the drama of the match. He came out looking Hollywood -- looking big time -- which was in direct opposition of the blue collar ethos that Continental Wrestling League has cultivated in their run.

Stone came out of the gate trying to wrestle Starr to the mat, but Starr kept trying to avoid Stone. Starr exited the ring, he leaned through the ropes, he begged off. He did everything a good chickenshit heel does while Stone continued to stay on him. An eyerake allowed Starr to take control and go to work with his own offense. He choked. He ran Stone’s eyes over the top rope. He kept getting the referee out of position so he could use short, closed fist punches to the eyes of Stone, trying to swell his eyes close.

Starr went for a big neckbreaker, but Stone blocked it and switched into his trademark German Suplex that he immediately followed up with a Stone Ankle Stretch.

David Stone defeated Hollywood Bret Starr in 17:36 by submission with a Stone Ankle Stretch. David Stone makes defence number 5 of his CWL United States title.

RM: It was two years ago today that I lost the North American Heavyweight Championship… Two years ago… Life has changed for me in that time. Sure, I became World Champion and was very successful after that, but two years ago began the change in my life. The change that has happened that brought me here, tonight. It was a year ago that I began to notice something different in Jeffery Aroma. A year ago tonight. It was seven months ago tonight that Jeffery Aroma turned his back on me. When he cost me the North American Heavyweight Championship and when he busted me open. Gave me a concussion. Left me a bloody mess in the very ring I’m about to walk to. He was supposed to be my friend, but it turned out he was just a leech. That’s okay. In life, sometimes you’ve got to learn the hard way and I certainly did. But tonight, Jeffery, you’re going to learn the hard way. Tonight you’re going to be locked at the throat with me. Sure you’re bigger than I am, but you don’t have what I have. Heart. You fight for money. I fight for love of the sport. I fight because this is what I am. This is who I am. I’m Riley McManus. I’m the Cornerstone of Continental Wrestling. This organization was built on my blood and my sweat and my passion and my love of the sport. Tonight, I’m going to show you that there is a difference between heart and size. Twelve feet of loggers chain separates us. Twelve feet of steel links that were forged together in fire. Steel links that can be used. Seven months ago, you blindsided me and left me broken. Tonight… Tonight I take the headhunter, and I put him down.

Grudge Match
Singles Match
Thirty Minute Time Limit
Dog Collar Match

“The Cornerstone” Riley McManus versus “The Headhunter” Jeffery Aroma w/ Lisa Bowen

Riley McManus and Jeffery Aroma stood across the ring from each other as referee Darren Smith locked the leather collars around their throats. Riley has clearly been in the gym, he has put on several pounds of muscle mass and really bulked up. Aroma is still as big and bulky as ever. The bell rang and the two men showed that there is absolutely no love lost between them.

This was a brutal, vicious match. A real old school brawl. Within a few minutes, both men were bleeding. Lots of big strikes, lots of using the chain to punch each other. Riley wrapped the chain around his fist and launched several big punches that rocked the big man. Aroma did the same. Both men were wearing the crimson mask. McManus did manage to hit a massive Slingshot Suplex on Aroma and got the pinfall victory.

Riley McManus defeated Jeffery Aroma in a Dog Collar match in 13:57 by pinfall with a Slingshot Suplex.

Singles Match
Sixty Minute Time Limit

“Rough Justice” Tommy Cornell versus Horton Ravenwood ©

This was Tommy Cornell’s first match in America in seven years. This was Horton Ravenwood’s second appearance in the United States -- he previously appeared at the Sixth Anniversary in a triple threat Junior Heavyweight Championship -- a championship he lost to KC Glenn. Cornell had the clear size advantage in this contest, Ravenwood has put on a few pounds to make him a full heavyweight grappler, but he is still right on the cusp between heavyweight and junior heavyweight. Cornell is a full fledged heavyweight and is much more experienced in big match situations.

Ravenwood wrestled like a man who did not want to lose instead of a man who was wrestling to win. Cornell was wrestling like a man who knew how to win -- he is a former multiple time World’s Champion after all. Ravenwood did hit several big moves that almost got the pinfall, but in the end, Tommy hit a DDT that was so beautiful it was as if Rip Chord came back to life for just a moment in Tommy.

Tommy Cornell defeated Horton Ravenwood in 15:37 by pinfall. Tommy Cornell wins the GWC World Heavyweight title.

SS: Once again, I find myself put in the position to be the killer of dreams. Matty, I know you want to be North American Heavyweight Champion. I know that you want it so bad you can taste it -- and if I wasn’t here, I know you would be North American Heavyweight Champion. The problem is, I am here -- and I’m just better than you. I am the best sports entertainer on the planet. I am in the process of elevating the entire professional wrestling business. I am the epitome of this profession. I’m the measuring stick, the standard bearer and tonight I will prove that no matter how much faith you have, you just can’t measure up.

Semi Main Event
Singles Match
Sixty Minute Time Limit

Matty Faith versus “The Supreme Star” Spender Spade © w/ Lisa Bowen

A rematch from the superb Sixth Anniversary match that saw Spencer Spade retain after a little help from Lisa Bowen. This match lived up to the standards set by the first match -- and was an ever better contest. Matty Faith dominated the early portion of the match and really showed that he came to win. Spade powdered to the outside after a big leaping clothesline. Faith gave chase, which allowed Spade to roll into the ring and take a cheap shot to gain control.

Spade worked Faith over, focusing on his elbow -- trying to take away the leap of Faith. The crowd was very into the contest as Spade and Faith told a classic story. Spade went for a Supreme Stunner, but Faith countered it with a roll up that got a near fall. Spade went for another Supreme Stunner, but Faith pushed him away on this one and hit a big drop kick that brought Spade down. Faith climbed the top rope -- and even with the pain in his elbow, landed the Leap of Faith.

Matty Faith defeated Spencer Spade in 27:14 by pinfall with a Leap Of Faith. Matty Faith wins the CWL North American Heavyweight title.

Main Event
Tag Team Match
Sixty Minute Time Limit

Homegrown versus The Fat Cats ©

A hard hitting affair that showed how dominate Homegrown can be. They came out of the gate like houses of fire. They had a significant size advantage and they used it. They put the Fat Cats into the cage early on. This was the second match of the night that led to blood -- all four men bled. From their head, from their arms. The cage must have been incredibly sharp. All met the steel. Yoder got taken out of the match for awhile when Monty Trescarde reached into his pants and pulled out a pair of brass knuckles. One shot from them dropped The Mennonite Mammoth and allowed The Fat Cats to pummel Clyde Puder.

Puder was a bloody mess when he started to fight back and Yoder got to his feet to save Puder from any more double teams. Puder caught Trescarde with a big Patriot Powerslam and Darren Smith counted the one… two...three.

Homegrown defeated The Fat Cats in a Cage match in 16:55 when Clyde Puder defeated Monty Trescarde by pinfall with a Patriot Powerslam. Homegrown win the GWC World Tag Team titles.

Carl DiBiase was the weak link, struggling to keep up with everyone else's in-ring performance.

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