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I sat in my office chair and looked at the man across from me. I had known him for quite some time. We had battled each other in the late 90’s for the HGC Tag Team titles. Before it was TCW. He had been around. He had broken his body in Japan and had returned to the United States for one last run, one last attempt to make big money before his body finally gave out on him. TCW sent him packing almost two years ago. They didn’t think his body could do it anymore and no one had picked him up. How is that possible? Bryan had such a good mind. Such a good understanding. He had been TCW World Heavyweight Champion. TCW International Champion. TCW World Tag Team. Had been a superstar in SWF before that. Had cut his teeth in Japan. Had earned it. Now he was sitting across from me in my office.

“How you feeling, Bryan?” I asked him. I was honestly concerned about him. I had worked in Japan. For Golden Canvas when it was still puroresu and wasn’t trying to be modern. I knew the toll my body paid -- and Bryan was a much more physical worker.

He grinned the Vessey grin. The same grin Larry had. The same grin Cam had. “I’m still kicking. Still got a few miles left in the tank. Not as many as I’d like, but I’ve got some.”

“That’s great man. I’m glad you’re feeling okay. You going to go work with Larry?” I asked.

“Maybe eventually. Not yet. He doesn’t need me as a worker. I’m not ready to be behind the curtains yet. Problem is, there’s nowhere for me to work. TCW cut me loose, so obviously they don’t want me. I won’t go work for Eisen again. I have no interest in Packer and he has no interest in me. I can’t physically do Japan any more. I was thinking… How about I come here?”

I looked at him. Eyes wide. Bryan was a star. His name value alone…. But, why? “Why?”

He shrugged. “You’re doing it right. Old school, hard hitting action. You’ve got my nephew here. I taught him. I’d kind of like to work alongside him before I hang it up.”

I looked at him again. “You sure? I can’t pay you all that much.”

“I’m rich.” Bryan said with a grin. “I’m not interested in money. I want to do something good for the business before I hang it up. Let me do it here. Let me do it for you.”

I took a deep breath. This could work. At least for the short term. Bryan Vessey in Rocky Mountain Wrestling? Why the hell not.

Rocky Mountain Wrestling Presents: The Third Anniversary
The 50th Show
Saturday, Week 4, January, 2019
Live from the Oxford Arena, Special Bell Time of 7:00 PM
Also Aired On Demand on the Rocky Mountain Sports Network

Main Event
Rocky Mountain Heavyweight Championship
Sixty Minute Time Limit
“The Living Legend” Bryan Vessey w/ Lisa Bowen versus “Glorious” Logan Diaz ©

Semi Main Event
Grudge Match
Eight Man Tag
Thirty Minute Time Limit
American Demolition, Riley McManus, and KC Glenn versus Bowen Services [Valentine, Vessey, Waldorf, and Statler] w/ Lisa Bowen

Special Attraction
Singles Match
Thirty Minute Time Limit
“Bad, Bad” Lenny Brown versus “The Straight Shooter” Joel Bryant

Grudge Match
Tag Team Match
Thirty Minute Time Limit
The Griffins versus The Devil’s Rejects [Holly and Anderson]

Opening Match
$1000 To Winner
Winner Also Gets Future Title Shot of their choice

30-Man Rumble
Featuring: Acid, Acid II, American Elemental II, Blue Tiger, Brett Dewes, Charger Siaki, Clyde Puder, Ekuma, Elemental IV, Franklin Rush, Frantic Ali, Hugh Ancrie, Ian Identity, James Diaz, Juan Soler, King Malietoa, Leonard Vedder, Louis Tully, Marcel LeFleur, Princeton Pryce, Ray Badell, Sgt. Bison, Sonny Wildside, The Acolyte, The American Lion, The Brisbane Devil, The Silver Spider, Toma, Turner Bradley, and Wesley Browning
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