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Originally Posted by Hashasheen View Post
Clyde Puder vs. Logan Diaz is gonna be the next big match for RMW. Therefore, I eagerly await his signing by USPW.
Why would you wish that upon me? I thought you liked me!

Originally Posted by DavidCorperial
This has been an outstanding diary and I can't wait for more.
Thank you very much. I'm glad to have you aboard! You will be getting more!

Originally Posted by Leion
The next generation has truly arrived. I still fondly remember when guys like Franklin are still jobbing to other stars. Look at them now.
I know. It's so nice to see them coming into their own. Clyde, Franklin, Keith -- all are developing. I've got Sgt. Bison now, The Animal Kingdom -- they are really shaping my roster and replacing some of the old guard.
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