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Remmy's Revolution
Key Features: Modern and Daredevil
Heavy Features: Cult and Hardcore
Medium Features: Traditional, Mainstream and Lucha Libre
Match Intensity: 60%
Match Danger: 80%
Women's Wrestling: Integrated
T&A Levels: None
Face \ Heel Divide: No

Main Event

Ace Youngblood, Aldous Blackfriar, Matt Sparrow, Max Mayhem, Raphael, Remmy Skye and Stuntman

Upper Midcard

Acid II, Brimstone, Hugh de Aske, Jesse Gilbert, Joe Gilbert, JOJI and Roger Monteiro


Arthur Dexter Bradley, Austin Smooth, Extreme Deluxe, Fearless Blue, Laura Flame, Nomad and Ricochet Ramone

Lower Midcard

Evil Spirit


Alvin Lavin (Referee), Dane O'Hara (Announcer), Haley Buck (Manager) and Travis Century (Color Commentary/Road Agent)

Tag Teams
Devil May Care (Acid II and Stuntman)
The Aces Of Mayhem (Ace Youngblood and Max Mayhem)
The Gilbert Brothers (Jesse and Joe Gilbert)
The Hellview Boyz (Extreme Deluxe and Fearless Blue)

How did you manage to get someone like Travis Century to pull double duty like that?

Oh man, that one was an uphill battle!

*Several Hours Ago*

Hey, Remmy do you need a commentary guy and\or road agent?

I mean, if you're interested...

Cool, I'm in.

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