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August 21, 1975
.."Its Been Years? What Happened?"..
Location: Ranch Of San Antonio, AKA The Headquarters of TWL

The Ranch of San Antonio. Designated and soon it became a home to Texas Wrestling League. The fans had been coming here since. But since Clint Wayne's demise from the company, it has become nothing but a corporal headquarters to Texas Wrestling League itself. With Rip Chord on the booking job, they have been booking any show of every show at the Irvine Hall.

Inside the ranch, there is a ring. A facility. Where the veterans train the younger wrestlers. The young lions. Training the future and make them become a successful wrestler. Someday maybe even successful than them. The veterans.

The ring itself became a training facility. On the ring, we see those young lions wrestling each other.

Clint Wayne, goes inside the facility of the infamous Texas Wrestling League. There inside, he finds one man. Only one man he is looking for. Rocky Streets.

As he looks for Streets himself, he finds him no where. He hasn't even heard about the news. Until he finds The Lone Star Stampeder.

Going inside, he doesn't even know the wrestlers he used to wrestle with no more. For the exception of Mark Krogan, Lone Star, Nero, and The Outlaws, everything was all a new concept to Wayne himself.

As he wears the same hat, he comes in with confusion after not finding Rocky Streets, the man he sold his company to. Everything was just becoming clear to Wayne. It became clearer until Stampeder approached him.

"Is that you Clint? Is that really you?" He says his line with a confusing shock, happy to see his old boss.

"Yeah boy. Now where the hell is Rocky Streets? That bastard owes me one damn company and I ain't leaving until I get my company back.

That is not until Clint Wayne found out another truth. Truth that reveals everything that he needs to know. Clearing a even more truth.

"Actually Clint, Rocky ain't with the company no more. He left."

"What in tarnation? What the hell do you mean kid?"

"Chill man. He's no longer the owner of this company. This facility, he doesn't own it man."

Clint had a angered look on his face.

"What the hell are you trying to do? Fool me? I sold the company to him dammit and I won't stop...."

Clint was interrupted, by Lone Star.

"Clint, Rocky left because he went to work. To SWF."

"What in the tarnations is SWF? Wrestling company?"

"Yes, just another company that took half of our roster."

Clint smiled, thought he was joking. But as Lone Star looked at him, he wasn't joking.

"Why the hell would he leave this company?"

"He left because he was friends with the owner. I know own this company. I damn own it man."

"Well I want it back. How much will it cost you?" Clint, confident with his decisions offered the Lone Star Stampeder a takeover.

"Hell no ain't gonna happen Clint. I've been leading this company for years. This company has been a success. I ain't going to leave it back to you only to ruin it!"

"Hey I didn't screw up! I was on f*ckin' drugs and all that sh*t. I'm looking for a job."

"How bout working for me. Here at Texas Wrestling League?"

Clint laughed.

"I ain't working for you. I don't work for anyone."

But Lone Star was serious.

"Ya got no choice partner."

Clint had to give up.

"Dammit man. Fine. As long as I get into the damn creative team then I'll be working with you!"

"Fine. Our headbooker for the shows is...."

Clint interrupted with all of a sudden.

"I know I know. I'll find it out on my damn own!!!'

Then everyone took off. The Lone Star gave the tour to Clint Wayne himself.
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