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August 15, 1975
.."Let's Get Out Of Rehab"..
Location: Rehabilitation Center, San Antonio Texas

The sign on the front door says "Texas National Rehabilitation Center, Where We Take Care Of You."

Inside the rehabilitation center at a Doctor's office, we see Clint Wayne in his old school suit and an old cowboy hat that he uses to wear in his wrestling matches back in the day. Ready to go with his baggage, out of the facility itself. For almost 5 years in the making since his stint with his own promotion, Texas Wrestling.

"So Mr. Wayne, are you ready to get out our facility?" The doctor says with her full confidence to the patient itself.

"Sure do ma'am. A've been here lone enough. Its time for to get out of this place." Wayne says with a rigid Texan Cowboy accent.

"Well as we can see, you have been improving throughout the course of your five year stay here in the facility. We remember you coming in here by yourself and you said you need time out of wrestling."

"I thought're that because I did need some time off. Dang now I realize what kind of monster I've been since my last run at wrestlin' itself." Clint remembers his run with Texas Wrestling League. Hell it was for the other wrestlers who worked for him.

"Mr. Wayne, you could use a little more stay here at our facility. We aren't so sure if you are a hundred percent fit going out there on the public." The doctor says after listening to what her patient said. Just to have been remembered, he still had a little left with his sickness.

"What? What the hell d'ya mean pretty lady? I'm damn cured! Why the hell do I need to stay here?"

As Clint punched the doctor's desk with his right fist, the doctor calms him down and talks to him once more.

"Your physical results shows us that you are not ready to go out there. You still have a minor injury with your cranium that we tried to cure. For the last three years you almost cracked your cranium after slamming a glass bottle of beer on your head, it is still in the process of curing itself."

Clint, pissed off, gets back at his seat.

"Here is what you don't figure out ma'am. I've been here for five years and I'll be DAMNED if I didn't get out of here. Something tells me that I need to get out of this asylum."

"Mr. Wayne, you are not fully cured. I suggest that you unpack your bags and go back on your dormitory."

"Pretty Lady, no one is going to stop me. Your guards ain't stoppin' me. Your facility ain't stoppin' me. And you are absolutely not stopping me"

Clint gets up with his bag. One suitcase. He fixes his hat and turns around, heading for the door.

"Sir, we'll have our guards stop you!"

"I'll beat the hell outta' 'em"

And there, Clint Wayne leaves the rehabilitation facility. After 4 years of being in the rehabilitation facility, will Clint Wayne be ready to get out of the facility itself?
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