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..Texas Rises, Texas Falls, & Texas Comes Back..

With the opening of Supreme Wrestling Federation and the big loss of Texas Wrestling League, TWL itself was on the biggest trouble.

Behind the scenes: Rocky Streets and half of the Texas Wrestling League roster was on their way out. They are going to leave the favorite southern promotion, leaving with no notice. With half of the roster gone, TWL was going to be closed. A declaration by Rocky Streets, he was going to close TWL and leave the other half of the roster unemployed.

That's until The Lone Star Stampeder shows up, talks with Rocky Streets and just gives up everything he has to save the job of many wrestlers in the company itself. After Clint Wayne's demise from the company, everyone thought that TWL will be a success. But Rocky Streets was a traitor.

The Lone Star Stampeder, who gave up everything. Who gave up everything. Every dime he has to buy Texas Wrestling League. To save it.

As 1972 passed by, Rocky Streets and many more left to work for Richard Eisen's Supreme Wrestling Federation. Texas Wrestling League and America Pro Wrestling Federation got the biggest blow with the opening of the new promotion. The new promotion that brings promise to wrestling industry.

Now that the Lone Star Stampeder owns Texas Wrestling League, he has to fill in the holes. Those holes. Main event stars that came with Rocky Streets.

..Rising Star..And Rising Booker..

Throughout the year of 1973-74, Texas Wrestling League was trying to recover. Under the booking of rising southern star, "Professor" Mycroft Nero, Texas Wrestling League was kept under regional level. Going to the process of rising again, The Lone Star and Nero put the TWL Championship belt on the lead babyface "Perfect" Pat Deacon. And soon Deacon was the lead star of Texas Wrestling League along with the Outlaw and his Texas Outlaw stable as the lead heels of the company.

But soon in '75, The Texas Outlaw lost a member. The leader itself, the Outlaw or as we like to call him, Jackson Andrews. Andrews went back to Canada's biggest wrestling promotion, Ed Henson's Canadian Wrestling Federation and soon became their main eventer. The Outlaws got a replacement, enter former SWF Austin McCoy.

But with '75 going in, Jackson Andrews leaving, Austin McCoy entering, The Lone Star Stampeder got the biggest deal for his company. A blockbuster signing.

..Rip Chord..The Greatest Wrestlers Ever..

Rip Chord. Who has been considered the best worker in the American wrestling industry, signed to Texas Wrestling League. After a worth reign with APWF & AAFW, he was convinced by The Lone Star Stampeder to be the major player of the company. Rip Chord, was standing at his peak. The best wrestler yet. And since he made his presence to Texas Wrestling League, he had made friends since.

Rip Chord soon booked many shows for Texas Wrestling League and soon ended Pat Deacon's TWL Champion reign and gave himself the belt. He would carry it to produce the best shows, get the venue filled with crazy wrestling fans and make 5-star matches that no one would forget.

The Lone Star Stampeder made the best choices yet. But with the wrestling industry going down, and so did the economy, Rip Chord couldn't keep up with the job done.

It is becoming a cold war. Rip Chord and Professor Nero were definite great bookers. And so was The Lone Star Stampeder. Those three men were behind the creative mind of TWL. But with September 1975 coming, one man comes back to the state of Texas. Coming from hiatus 5 years ago, he comes back to take over his dying company and his dreams of success. Enter.......

.."The Texas Dragon" Clint Wayne..
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