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..An Savior Comes, A Demon Is Born..

..A Savior..Rocky Streets..

Summer of 1970, Clint Wayne was going crazy. It was already foretold. It was already said. Some of the wrestlers backstage want him out. The financial problems that TWL has been putting Clint Wayne into his demonic side. Into his bad side. Some men like Chief Two Eagles and The Outlaw are concerned about the TWL owner. Everything wasn't going well. The fans aren't liking what they are seeing. Each night that Clint Wayne is on a event, there won't be any sell outs at all. No ticket sell outs. It was putting Clint Wayne on a situation where he becomes the monster. Everyone wasn't impressed.

With Clint Wayne going crazy. Going down just because of financial problems, the other major promotion took the advantage.

But one man had to save the future of Texas Wrestling League. One man have to save the future of Texas Wrestling. Someone. A savior. Enough to put out Clint Wayne to his bed and make him go on hiatus.

One man. The Savior. The second owner of Texas Wrestling League. Rocky Streets.

Someone who is another legend. A legend who had never won a major title in any promotions. Before territories existed, he was putting out good matches with Aegaelus or Morretti, or Dale Christian. Just name his opponent.

He came in TWL back in the '69. The fans loved him to wrestle at Texas. The fans loved him. Of how good of a wrestler he is. Whether he is a face or a heel. It didn't matter. Rocky Streets had the money and fame. He reached a good fame throughout the whole United States.

After seeing what Clint Wayne has become, Rocky Streets had to take action. Gathering his own money, he buys Texas Wrestling League from the Clint himself. Offering a big amounts of cash, Rocky had told Clint as well to take a break from wrestling itself. Soon, Rocky Streets owned Texas Wrestling League and put it back to where it should've belong. He was trying to repair all the damages that Clint Wayne had done. All the big damages.

Starting with the fans, he soon put out his best with the advertisements and soon, Streets were putting out shows that would be a sold out crowd. More fans are attending TWL shows. More fans are getting into any good stories that wrestlers put out just by their matches. It just didn't stop with that.

Rocky Streets was putting out the best of the best. The greatest talent that Texas Wrestling League ever made. The big Russian guy named Baron Von Rambis. The menacing Rick Rumble. Half of the roster became main eventing success. Half of the roster became popular within the area of Texas. One man was behind everything. Rocky Streets and his mind of putting TWL back on the major territory scene. People loved what Streets created. Eventhough Clint Wayne is gone, his own stars wasn't being held back. Chief Two Eagles was becoming a fan favorite. Professor Nero was becoming a real hated person in-ring. The Texas Outlaws are really with the Texans and how they are being convinced with the gimmick. At the same time, the stars that Rocky Streets made over the course of his ownership years with TWL became a national success.

1971, Rocky Streets was considered the Savior of TWL. A man going through the slow retirement, never gave up the chance to retire. He wasn't concerned with what he is going to go through next. He loves to train the young lions and also making his opponent look good while getting a good popularity increase.

With the mind of Rocky Streets being played out in the scene of major territories, TWL was going back and take anything that they can take. Anyone that they can convince to come and wrestle for the legendary southern promotion. Rocky Streets was preparing to put TWL to a great national status.

Or was he.

..A Young But Threatening, Richard Eisen..
(Credits to FINisher for the alt)

A young wrestling promoter. A young man with new ideas for wrestling itself. For the business itself. A new view. A new product. In which he calls New School Entertainment. A young wrestling promoter. Someone who formed his own company. A promotion that becomes a threat to every American major promotion. A promotion that becomes the biggest company in America so far. The Supreme Wrestling Federation.

..The Future Of Wrestling? Or The Threat To The Wrestling Industry?..
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