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Clint Wayne, wrestling extraordinaire. One man smarter than Dale Christian or Gene Plummelli to start his own wrestling promotion. Someone smarter than these two. Clint Wayne was called the wrestling extraordinaire for many different reasons. Reasons shows that he has the talent of being an owner of a company and spreading the popularity within the state of Texas in just a matter of months before even the next major promotion was opened.

Number of reasons how he got TWL supreme popularity over Texas in just a couple of months, one is bringing in Mark "The Lariat" Krogan. A real southern legend. Now looking for the next southern legend to past on his teachings. To past on his skills. Another one is bringing in new faces most known as "Gorgeous" George DeColt and The Outlaw AKA Jackson Andrews. Then came along Rocky Streets. Clint Wayne's booking strategy is to make wrestlers really popular in Texas and establish the younger talents and once they grew, become the main stars of the show. Example of that are The Texas Outlaws. A group led by the Outlaw. Another was Chief Two Eagles. And most recent, Pat Deacon.

All these guys that you heard, half of them were legends. Legends in their own perspective. Legends of today but they have to pay their dues to become the legend they are right now. Clint Wayne put the title on "Gorgeous" George DeColt and become the first ever Texas Wrestling League World Champion. George put a lot of prestige into the belt itself by defending it against several main event wrestlers. All defences. As counted, 65. Only losing it to another Canadian Superstar, Jackson Andrews AKA The Outlaw.

Clint Wayne's success as the owner of Texas Wrestling League made him and the company unstoppable. They were reaching the status of a regional promotion. Along with major promotions, All American Florida Wrestling owned by Dick The Devastator, American Pro-Wrestling Federation led by Franco Lambert, and California Pro Wrestling, led by wrestler Preston Holt, these four promotions had the sights of becoming the biggest promotion in the US.

Texas Wrestling League was close to reaching the cult status of the promotion. They were getting closer to expanding their popularity out of Texas. They were already hosting shows at the Tri-State Area, Great Lakes, South East & West, Mid Northern Territory, and even California. They were even about to break out a television deal.

All that was ruined. Everything just one problem that caused Texas Wrestling League to rise to fame. To rise to national level. It was a very big financial mistake. One mistake became the near death of Texas Wrestling League. Mistake: Clint was offering too much money to make workers stay. Example, George DeColt worked for TWL and CWF, a promotion that Ed Henson created. DeColt wanted to leave but over the course of having more money, offered by Clint Wayne, he was offered to stay a little longer. Another mistake: going out of the Texas state and paying for big venues with only little fans to come put Clint on a big problem. But Clint never surrendered. He knew what he was doing.

Then 1970 came. Clint doesn't know what the hell he is doing know. As the booker of the promotion, he doesn't know what he was up to. The workers look at him, not fine. He was going nuts and crazy. Even got stricter backstage when he was strict with his wrestlers and putting them all under probation. He was becoming strict. He was starting to become an ego. Couldn't control of himself. As he goes in the ring, disobeys the rules. Disobeying the notes. Instead of losing, he pulled off a win even though he wasn't supposed to. Texas Wrestling League was going into a wrong direction. A direction leading the promotion to its own death.

1970, the year that Texas Wrestling League was on financial troubles..
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