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....It All Started Here....

1950, Northern American Wrestling was quickly growing. Over the decades, many wrestlers would enter the American Wrestling scene to show their showcase talent. To show their great talent. To show real wrestling action. Charisma and talent. To the country of United States itself, wrestling was becoming a huge sport. Those who lived to see it became the ones who are to be seen. In those rings. In those wrestling gears. With their finishing moves. The founding fathers, most noted "Straight Edge Dale Christian, for his work as one of the top stars in the country but as well the one who created the wrestling industry itself. His creation was the Tournament called King of Wrestling. The tournament that made stars like the creator himself Dale Christian, Dick the Devastator, Micky Starr and its last winner, Micky Starr.

Dale Christian was an innovator. His talent to organize wrestling events influenced past wrestling promotion and soon its present. After the decade of 1950 flew, 1960 became the decade of wrestling.

1960, it is where it all began. Wrestling fans are starting to go to events. The King of Wrestling event even topped an all time record of 100,000 thousand attendants in 1966. Where Ares Aegaleus defeated his arch nemesis, Antonio Morretti to become King Of Wrestling. The feud between the two was at its peak.

Then 1968 came. The birth of the territories. Actually, Gene Plummelli started the concept of starting a wrestling promotion in 1960. But 1968, came the territories. The wrestling territories who occupied wrestling territories and made them turfs. Fans loved the idea but they were mostly separated. In 1960, Championship Wrestling From Boston was just a small company that gotten over with a loyal fanbase. But Plummelli's view of point is to only get his wrestlers and train them. That was the point. The territories had a different view and a different point. As 1960 continues on, wrestling was going to at its peak. Everyone was putting on great performances. The wrestlers were showing charisma that soon became a main subject to becoming a legend. Even though there were only those who can pull off a great interview, wrestlers told the story inside the ring. Their ability to do it made them legends. Territories became a main thing in the wrestling business sooner after they were established. Soon after American Independent shows were becoming too stale. After Dale Christian's retirement. After the signs of the end of King of Wrestling tournament.

The concept of the territories were simple. Get your own turf, defend it against other territories, make your own stars, and don't let your opponents (other territories) take your turf or you will find yourself falling down the earth as a wrestling promoter. But the goals of the promotion is simply become the best and overtake the other turf. That is not if they take your turf first.

After Dale Christian went onto retirement, no one was left to promote and organize the King of Wrestling event. So no one had an idea what to do. No one had an idea where to go. The birth of territories, wrestling promotions soon began. Simple. Wrestlers promoted themselves but fans wouldn't find it interesting since they have no one to wrestle for. Soon, some wrestlers became promoters. Some became to be the most successful and others created a promotion but find it soon to fail.

As the decade of the 60's come to an end, the birth of the promotions was born. The birth of territories, month after month in the year of 1968, promotions started to come and claimed the territories of Texas, Florida, New England, and the Tri-State area. It would soon influenced the infamous East Coast War in the late 1990's. The birth of these promotions influenced many fans. It influenced many wrestlers and soon, legends were born. Legends such as Mark "The Lariat" Krogan, Ares Aegaelus, Antonio Morretti, Dale Christian, Micky Starr, Edward Henson, and many more to come right after the start of the 1970's. Wrestling itself didn't just become a sideshow attraction for the people to watch. For the people to love. It became a sport. It became a competition. And sooner than you think, it just became a war. A war of dominance. A war between wrestlers, sharing their personal experiences. Sharing their personal secrets. It became personal for the wrestlers. Friendships were made and so did personal real heated feuds. That is where wrestling wasn't a tradition anymore. That isn't when wrestling wasn't something to love anymore.

Wrestling itself was a tradition. In both the countries of Japan and Mexico, wrestling was a tradition. In Canada, it was a sport. For everyone to love and get involved with. In the US, they care about putting out good shows. They wanted to get involved with the fans and get even more popular with their turfs.

The hit of major promotions started in 1968. Starting with Texas Wrestling League. The first of the major promotions who would soon claim the whole state of Texas and turn it into a southern traditional wrestling promotion that would host live events at Dallas, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and many more. You name the venue and they will go to that venue ASAP. Texas Wrestling League became the home of many legends. Many southern legends. Most of them.......brawlers who were able to reach international success.

Texas Wrestling League: Home of the brawlers, home of the legends, home of old-school wrestling.
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