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And the beat goes on, and the beat goes on, and the beat goes on...

Show 3, Week 3, January 2008

It's Wednesday.

It's the INY Arena.


Impact Weekly!

Jerry Eisen

"Hello fans and welcome, to Impact Weekly!"

Travis Hoffman

"I'm Travis Hoffman alongside Jerry Eisen, it's time for a show!"


"And what a show is lined up tonight! In our main event, we'll see the 3rd INY World Title qualifier as Travis Century takes on Frankie Perez. That match will be for a spot in the INY World Title match at Revolution Begins alongside Whistler, Bart Biggz and one more as-yet undetermined opponent."

"But before they face off tonight, both men have asked for the time to introduce themselves to our audience. And to open the show, it'll be Travis Century!"

Out he walks, eyes wide and arms aloft, solidifying himself as the centre of attention in the INY Arena. He strides to the ring, not shifting from his rigid pose, transfixed by the moment. He finally averts his gaze to enter the ring, at which point he takes in the view of the fans on all 4 sides. He stops, stares, and after what seems like an eternity, finally begins to speak.

Travis Century

"Welcome, my flock, to salvationnnnnnnn!"

He pushes his fist out in front of himself to emphasise his point, and the gestures don't stop here. Throughout his speech, his arms and indeed entire frame will gesticulate wildly.


"I shall guide you, one and all, to a better way! The way, the route, the path of Jeeeesussssss! Oh my lord i shall! The righteous knowledge i shall convey unto you all! Can i get an amen!"

Alas, no amen is forthcoming.


"With the lorddddd as my witness, I shall take his faithful crusade into my own hands! I shall fight the good fight! I shall strike down the sinners in the name of Jeeeeeesussssss!"

He coughs, then spins in a wild arc.


"But I am no crazed preacher! Do not believe the lies you shall be told about that, for I have complete and clear clarity of mind! I shall save your souls, but it is no thankless task. You shall be thankful, you shall be grateful, you shall hold me in great charity, for if you do not, with the lorddddd as my witness, I shall strike you down where you stand! This Century has no time for sinners!"

He throws his hands into the air again, before heading backstage.

Free Love vs. Danny Patterson & Primal Rage

The thrown together combination of Danny Patterson and Primal Rage makes their status apparent from the start, as they just fail to understand the ins-and-outs of each others gameplan anywhere near enough as a well-versed team. Despite the laid-back appearance and mannerisms, James Prudence and Fuzzy Freeman do, and that gets them a spot in the INY Tag Team Titles match at Revolution Begins.

We cut to backstage, where the Kings of New York are standing ensemble in front of a large INY-branded backdrop of the city skyline. From the start, it's been apparent that Sayeed is the spokesperson, if not ringleader, of the group.


"A few weeks ago, we said that this here city was our house. We ain't trippin' when we say that, that's cold hard fact, straight-up truth. And we ain't gonna back down from that, we gonna step up to every single task that's in front of us. 'Cause we may be the Kings of New York, but we put it the dirty work too, ya hear?"

No sooner has he finished, than the whole stable has been jumped, bludgeoned from behind by a steel chair and crowbar. The camera pans up from the victims...

And over their bodies stand Hardcore Killah, Slim V and Carl Batch. Thug Life have hit INY. Batch doesn't waste any time in getting up close to the camera and starting one of his typical motormouthed hustles.

Carl Batch

"Listen up suckas, one and all! These here fools thought they could march in here, wave their dicks around and tell us how we were all part of their house! Well f*ck that! Ain't nobody telling Carl Batch, ain't nobody telling Slim V, ain't nobody telling the straight-up badass Hardcore Killah that we don't run this place, 'cause they gonna get a beatdown, sucka! We gonna choke you out quicker than Nicole Brown! I don't care whether you ma brother or white folk, we jump on you quicker than pigs on Rodney King! And that's a f*ckin' pledge, see yo' ass later New York!"

Having said what he wanted to, Batch shoves the camera out of the way as he and his charges head off.

Not far away, but going in the other direction towards the entrance ramp, is Elijah Harris. He shakes his head...

Elijah Harris vs. Chuichi Sanda

Despite the intensity, the hard work, the reputation of the man he's against, Elijah Harris clearly has something on his mind here and as such, he makes relatively short work of Sanda considering the calibre of opponent. He gets the pinfall in just over 6 minutes, an impressive performance.

Backstage, Aristocrat stands in his locker room, which could be better described as looking like a 5-star hotel suite, in front of a full-length mirror, glass of brandy being swilled in his right hand, as he adjusts his tie with his left. He takes a swig of his chosen tipple and exhales deeply.


"It's the small pleasures in life that count."

His relaxation doesn't last long, as his door bursts open to reveal...

An already exasperated Citizen X, who is unlikely to be here for tea and a sit down.

Citizen X

"This! You stand here, living like a king in your over-pampered, over-priced, over-priveliged dressing room, whilst millions starve! Do you have no remorse? No guilt? Not even pity for these poor people? They want far more than your pity, and before i'm done they're going to get it, but the least you could do is feign compassion! I'm not even sure which is worse - b*llsh*tting that you do care, or taking pride in that you don't!"

Somewhat taken aback by the interruption, Aristocrat doesn't have time to compose himself.


"You barge in here and regale me with stories of the great suffering? People like you are the problem! All you can find the time to do is acquiese and moan about these tales of supposed hardship, rather than working to better your situation, to better yourself! I feel no guilt nor should i have any need to! I am in my world, I am happy where I am, so i bare no concern for the likes of you!"

The furious Citizen doesn't hesitate - he aims a punch straight at his jaw, and seconds later Aristocrat is on the floor, caught flush by the instinctive shot.

Citizen X

"Violence is not the answer, it is a question. The answer is yes! I know with people like you some kind of monetary promise is needed to get you to take part, and as such, i'll see you at Revolution Begins. We can have all the attention in the world, and they will all bare witness to me showing you that not only do i have the moral highground, but the physical as well!"

Somewhere else in the building stands Frankie Perez, in a darkened room. No glitzy dressing room or showy backdrop here, just a man and his thoughts. And a camera crew.

Frankie Perez

"Many of you would be misTAKEN!"

He stops abruptly after bellowing out of the end of the word, seemingly unintentionally. He closes his eyes, mutters something to himself, then carries on.


"You would be mis... mistaken, To think of me as a nobody. I may have done my wo....wor... work on the west coast, but i have done enough to earn a shot here on the east coast. And that chance takes me toNIGHT!"

He cringes this time, pounding his fist against his head. He's a troubled man.


"Tonight, i get to compete for a spot in the INY World Title match! And it is a chance that i will not..."

He trails off, as his eyes glaze over. This time, it doesn't look like he'll be finishing his sentence. Suddenly, he lurches forward, grabs the camera with both hands and begins to scream into it.



He pushes the camera away, and both the cameraman and sound guy quickly rush out of the room. Perez isn't far behind though, charging after them down the hallway. Eventually he takes a different turning though, and he's out on the entrance ramp. Just in time.

Frankie Perez vs. Travis Century

Perez is an absolute machine in this match, battering Century with stiff chops and kicks that make every fan in attendance wince. It seems like there's no way back for Travis, but he keeps on fighting nonetheless. Eventually Perez makes a mistake, Century ducking a kick on the outside which subsequently slams into the ring post. Following this, Perez can barely walk, and Century picks up the win with relative ease thereafter.

"Travis Century joins Whistler and Bart Biggz in the INY World Title match at Revolution Begins! Elijah Harris and Stevie Grayson will compete for the final spot next week, see you then! Thank you and goodnight!"

Show Results:

Travis Century preaches to the choir (C+)
Free Love def. Danny Patterson & Primal Rage (E+)
Thug Life take out the Kings of New York... (D)
...And then tell us why (C-)
Elijah Harris doesn't approve (D-)
Elijah Harris def. Chuichi Sanda (E)
Aristocrat meets Citizen X (D)
Frankie Perez/Kill Switch introduction (D)
Travis Century def. Frankie Perez (D)

Show Rating: D
TV Rating: 0.11

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