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Default Impact New York - Character, That's What Matters

Thanks to Kamchatka for the logos, all the wonderful people of the alt thread for the... alts, Self, Nevermore and Eisen-Verse for the great diaries and inspiration, and of course Adam Ryland for the game and - more importantly - the universe it inhabits.

As for this diary... I'll unveil the roster as the weeks go on, rather than all in one go. This will be set as if the promotion has just formed, and i will be avoiding any obstacles to me presenting the story as I wish it to be. This is effectively a diary played in god-mode, for the purposes of storytelling. But don't you worry - there'll be no Gino Montero, Tommy Cornell, or Sean McFly's. A* events will be somewhat unlikely.

There are no faces or heels here, only characters who you can like or dislike as you wish. Accordingly, if and when predictions are made (which will only be put up at PPVs due to my hatred of diary threads turning into "Hey let's all just predict and not actually give any feedback!"), I would like you to pick based on who you like and want to win, not who you think will win. All feedback, of course, is welcome. Positive or otherwise. I am also more than willing to discuss anything posted henceforth via PM if you wish to be in-depth.

As for my booking and by extension writing... I will heavily make use of politics, stereotypes, race, religion, and pretty much anything able of causing dispute. For instance, I will have black characters who actually acknowledge the fact that they are, indeed, black. Shocking, I know. If you're offended by anything, well, just remember that it's only writing.

TV Shows are up every Wednesday, though i'm tempted to put the first one up sooner (ie. now) to show you what to expect. I'll consider it.

I think i've said enough for a preamble by now. Enjoy the diary.


Key: Cult
Heavy: Modern
Medium: Mainstream, Risque, Hardcore, Daredevil
Low: Comedy

Travis Hoffman, Owner of Impact New York

Charismatic 'til the end, Travis Hoffman has a mind for the business as well as a mouth for it. Known for his love of big characters and high risk moves, expect plenty of spot monkeys with microphones when watching a promotion of his run a show. Despite the somewhat assorted plethora he offers, is still a solid and reliable booker as well as a colour commentator.
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