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JUNE 2017, WEEK 3…

Show Rating: (87)

Pre-Show Match: Akima Brave defeated Donte Dunn with a 'Suicide Diving Headbutt' (76)

Announce Team:

Peter Michaels, Tom Townsend and 'RDJ' Ricky Dale Johnson

NOTBPW Principal Owner Victoria Stone-McFly opened the show, and called out her brother Edd Stone... He walked to the ring with a big grin on his face, but Victoria was not happy with him... She said that Duane Stone was GONE... He's signed for another company, but will be too injured to compete for them due to Edd's actions this past weekend at Mid Summer Madness... She told Edd he's RUINED her family, and that he needs to take a long, hard, look at himself...

Victoria Stone-McFly: “Edd... You're supposed to be my brother... You're supposed to be there for me... Protect me... but all you've done is take out the other guys that are supposed to do the same!! Duane (Stone)... Sean (McFly)... I just can't believe it... We were a family... we were so solid... But there comes a time... when you have to take things into your own hands... So tonight... ME and YOU... 1 on 1!!!”

The crowd were stunned... Victoria took her jacket off, and Edd just laughed... She hasn't competed for ten years!! But before things could go any further, NOTBPW Television Champion James Hernandez headed to the ring, saying “No!”... He said that Victoria shouldn't have to stand up to Edd... because there's plenty of guys in the back that aren't happy with the way the cocky 30-year old has disrespected the Stone family, and the legendary competitors in NOTBPW... He said that she should let HIM step up and fight Edd... tonight... in her place... She agreed to the match, and tonight's Main Event was set...

After a short commercial break, former developmental talent Robin DaLay stood on the stage with a microphone... He introduced his father Dan DaLay and DaLay's tag team partner Derek Frost; 'BAD REPUTATION'... The two Canadian veterans headed to the ring together to take on two local enhancement talents, fresh off the back of their huge victory at Mid Summer Madness, where they beat The Mavericks, and saved their careers...

Dan DaLay & Derek Frost (Bad Reputation) w/ Robin DaLay [vs] Local Enhancement Talents

Great action in this short, one-sided match. Dan DaLay and Derek Frost wouldn't allow their opponents any offence at all for a while, and they didn't get much in overall either. For the finish, DaLay hit the smaller one with a brutal 'DaLay Down' Headbutt.

Winners: Dan DaLay & Derek Frost (Bad Reputation) w/ Robin DaLay
Rating: 61
Finish: 'DaLay Down' Headbutt

Alex DeColt headed onto the stage following the conclusion of the match, and had the contract that Dan DaLay had demanded he sign in his hand... Alex told DaLay that he REFUSES to sign it... DaLay asked Alex what was wrong with it?? He was confused, as he thought it was a decent contract for all three men... Alex said Number One, he wasn't willing to give Bad Reputation a Tag Team Title shot this soon... They haven't earned it...!! Number Two, he doesn't think Robin DaLay is ready for a Main Roster spot... Again... Doesn't deserve it...

Alex DeColt: “And what's this part...?! If I don't accept your demands, you're going to use that 'secret' you think you know about, against me...?! I thought all this was over Dan... I thought we'd moved past this...”

Dan DaLay just shook his head, and said that Alex needs to come up with a way to fix this... To make sure it's mutually beneficial... He needs to come up with a way to give Dan ALL of his demands... Or else... Alex told DaLay to calm down... and said that next week, Bad Reputation could EARN their Tag Team Title Match... and Robin DaLay can EARN a Main Roster contract... All they have to do, is win... DaLay said that that was fair... and he knew Alex would see sense... But Alex had a big grin on his face... 'The Mind' has a plan...

We learned that during the Fatal-4-Way for the NOTBPW Canadian Title at Mid Summer Madness, all three DeColt Brothers in the match were taken out by 'The Monster' Gargantuan... The youngest Brother: Ricky DeColt, will be out indefinitely... Suffering an injury when the undefeated, and NEW Champion, Gargantuan hit his 'Ultimate Backbreaker' finisher... Steve and Jack DeColt are also both out tonight, but both are expected to return next week...

'The Shooting Star' Erik Strong [vs] 'Gentleman' Lord James King

An impressive outing from Erik Strong here, going it alone for a change. But he was in there against the vastly experienced Lord James King. The crafty 'Gentleman', which is a nickname that simply doesn't describe him, attempted to use the brass knuckles behind the referee's back, but Erik Strong fired back with some knife edged chops, and King dropped the foreign object! For the finish though, King grabbed Strong's arm, and pulled him in for the 'King Maker' Lariat!

Winner: 'Gentleman' Lord James King
Rating: 62
Finish: 'King Maker' Lariat

Another big win for Lord James King, who had his hand raised in the ring... His rival, Wade Orson headed onto the stage with a microphone... Telling the 'Gentleman' not to panic... And telling him he just needs to hear what Orson had to say... Orson wanted a singles match against King... He's wanted it for a month now, since King decked him after their last 1 on 1 meeting... King said okay... Next week, tag team match... and if Orson's team wins, King will grant him his singles match!!

In his office, the busy Alex DeColt was joined by Cameron Vessey and Christian Price... The two cocky young studs spoke about the injuries to both Owen Love AND Jacob Jett, that will keep the pair out of action for MONTHS... This means that the CanAm Blondes, and World's Most Wanted, are both gone... Vessey and Price believe that it's because of them... and that they might as well be HANDED the NOTBPW Tag Team Titles... Alex disagreed, and said that around here, things are EARNED... Not handed out...

Alex DeColt: “I've lost two of my best tag teams for MONTHS... so I'm not in the mood to be rewarding people... Especially the people claiming responsibility... But you can compete FOR the Tag Team Titles at Jeopardy... I just need to find suitable opponents for you...”

Sonny Wildside & Solomon Gold [vs] The Ring Generals (Dean Waldorf & Marv Statler)

Both teams worked hard in this match, but it was the teamwork and cohesiveness of the two members of The Shooters (Dean Waldorf and Marv Statler) that set them apart from their young, talented opponents: Sonny Wildside and Solomon Gold. The Ring Generals lived up to their name, and controlled the pace of the match well. They ended it with a 'Waldorf Salad Toss' on 9 minutes, despite a resilient performance from the young fan favourites!

Winners: The Ring Generals (Dean Waldorf & Marv Statler)
Rating: 78
Finish: 'Waldorf Salad Toss' (Pop-Up Powerbomb)

Sean Deeley sent Ernest Youngman to the ring, and instructed his Shooters to surround the ring, but hold back a little... Because he had something to say... Deeley told Sonny Wildside and Solomon Gold that there was a spot available in The Shooters, for a fifth member... and if the two of them fought right now, the winner could join his group, and sit under his learning tree... Wildside and Gold had better ideas though, and began fighting Dean Waldorf and Marv Statler!! Deeley nodded, and sent Youngman into the ring...!!

It wasn't four against two for long though... The young fan favourites got some help from an unlikely source, in the form of one half of the current Tag Team Champions: The Natural!! The CanAm Blonde member is now alone because of a serious injury to his best friend Owen Love!! Natural took it upon himself to knock Ernest Youngman out with a stiff right hand, and then hit his 'American Guillotine' Lariat on Dean Waldorf!! Sonny Wildside tipped Marv Statler up over the top rope and out of the ring, and then Sean Deeley slid out relatively unharmed... The Natural grabbed a microphone himself...

The Natural: “With Owen Love's blessing... I am now officially announcing that I... am looking for a NEW Tag Team Partner!! Solomon Gold... Sonny Wildside... You have both been identified as potential partners for me... and I'm here to help you both...”

Aldous Blackfriar and Mutant were in a dimly lit room next, talking about the man they've discovered is 'next'... Harrison Hash!! Aldous Blackfriar was defeated by Hash last week on Championship Wrestling... The charismatic youngster's excuse was: 'Being Starstruck'... Aldous said he was a huge fan of Hash... When he was around six years old!! But nowadays, he's all grown up, and through meditation, can now snap out of his 'Starstruck-ness'...

Aldous Blackfriar: “I'm 22 now... And my Mutant is 6'6”... and 360lbs... So next week, he's going to show you just how Starstruck he can be...”

Mark 'The Anvil' Griffin [vs] 'Mr. Impact' Hugh Ancrie

This was a decent match for these two promising youngsters, right in the middle of the card. Mark Griffin had the killer instinct in the end, ending it with his 'Swinging Side Slam' and locking Hugh Ancrie in a tight cover to score the win.

Winner: Mark 'The Anvil' Griffin
Rating: 59
Finish: 'Swinging Side Slam'

The next match featured two men who had an unsuccessful night at Mid Summer Madness, vying for a second chance and a shot at the NOTBPW Television Title... 'Mighty' Danny Cavanagh lost his 'final battle' against Tim Westybrook... While Aaron Andrews came up short against Television Champion James Hernandez... Tonight, the winner of this next match, will head to Jeopardy to battle Hernandez for his Championship again...

'Mighty' Danny Cavanagh [vs] 'The Ace' Aaron Andrews

A very good co-Main Event in which either man could have won the match, and gone on to Jeopardy. Danny Cavanagh grounded Aaron Andrews, and used an almost perfect attack to keep the quicker Aaron Andrews on the back foot. The 'Mighty' big man and the brawler Andrews got into a fist fight late on, but the physical game suited Cavanagh more than it did Andrews. The 'Ace' needed to get inside Cavanagh's head but he couldn't. Cavanagh hit a throw on Andrews that sent him right across the ring and he hit the bottom rope hard! This lead to the 'Sit-Out Spinebuster' to end it!

Winner: 'Mighty' Danny Cavanagh
Rating: 83
Finish: 'Sit-Out Spinebuster'

'Mighty' Danny Cavanagh was celebrating his victory in the ring, while 'The Iron Man' Tim Westybrook was shown backstage watching the action... He shook his head, as Katie Cameron rocked up with a microphone in her hand... and she had a question... She wanted to know if Westybrook was disappointed not to be involved in the match...? And be given the opportunity to battle for the NOTBPW Television Championship...? Westybrook seemed surprised at the question...

Tim Westybrook: “Of course I'm disappointed Katie... Unlike (Danny) Cavanagh and Aaron Andrews, I actually WON my match at Mid Summer Madness... But I guess I don't get a Television Title shot... because everyone knows, that I'm too good for James Hernandez... So at Jeopardy... I'll fight ANYONE on the NOTBPW Roster!!”

'Mainstream' James Hernandez w/ Victoria Stone-McFly [vs] 'The 24 Hour Party Animal' Edd Stone

These two top tier talents looked like they'd been competing against each other for years. Their chemistry levels were very high, and they put on an excellent Main Event. Edd Stone attempted a low blow early on, but not only did the referee see it, but James Hernandez blocked it! For the longest time, Hernandez created some momentum due to some of his unique offence! He hit a variety of super kicks, and then flew over the top rope to land a suicide dive!! But Edd Stone looked in a defiant mood tonight, and looked like he was ready for anything. But James Hernandez is seemingly impossible to defeat lately. He waited until his opportunity, and then landed his 'Apparition #14' Spear!!

Winner: 'Mainstream' James Hernandez
Rating: 87
Finish: 'Apparition #14'

Edd Stone's defeat prompted him to glare at his sister Victoria Stone-McFly from inside the ring as he slowly climbed to his feet, clutching his ribs... He asked her if she was 'suitably entertained' by his failings... She grabbed a microphone to respond to his posturing and posing... Angry, she told Edd that he needs to watch his back at ALL times from now on... The way he's treated his family, and NOTBPW in general, he's lucky he still has a job here... She said that Alex DeColt played a big role in keeping him signed on, because he believes there are a lot of people who will want to teach Edd a lesson in the ring... Such as James Hernandez...

Victoria Stone-McFly: “I can think of one person in particular... and I did say... watch your back at ALL times!!!”

Stood behind Edd Stone with a hood on was none other than SEAN McFLY!! Three months ago, Edd thought he'd gotten rid of McFly at the DeColt Wrestle Festival, but McFly is BACK!! He flew across the ring, closing the distance between himself and Edd in a fraction of a second... Edd was so shocked he bit his tongue, hard, and was bleeding at the mouth by the time McFly had finished battering his young brother-in-law with fists and forearms... McFly let Edd stand up, but the young Stone Brother slid out of the ring and sprinted away to the safety of the stage...!! Great way to end the show, but McFly will want more!!

Bad Reputation (DaLay & Frost) [def.] Local Enhancement Talents
Lord James King [def.] Erik Strong
The Ring Generals (Waldorf & Statler) [def.] Sonny Wildside & Solomon Gold
Mark Griffin [def.] Hugh Ancrie
Danny Cavanagh [def.] Aaron Andrews
James Hernandez [def] Edd Stone

SOTBPW Television brought us yet another 99 rated match this week, and yet another one involving former SWF star: Valiant... He went to a time-limit draw with Multimillionario... The consistent 'Golden Luchador' has an average match rating of 92 in his 23 matches in 2017!! Incredible record for the 30 year old...

NOTBPW legend Duane Stone has officially come to terms to sign for USPW... His injuries are only storyline injuries, so he'll be fine to make his debut for them as soon as he's done with his commitments to his home promotion... He'll join his brother-in-law Sean McFly as both 42 year olds will begin a new challenge and a new chapter in their careers, together...

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