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ERGO Adrenalized Valiance
Live From The Rainbow Bar & Grill
Attendance: 89 (and Mike)

Pre-Show: Austin Smooth defeated Brimston and Evil Spirit: E+

Hello, internet! I'm Dane-

Yes, yes they know who we are. We don't need to do this every time! Let's get to the wrestling already!

Um, okay let's get to the first match then.

The Aces Of Mayhem vs The Hellview Boyz
In a decent match, The Aces Of Mayhem defeated The Hellview Boyz in 9:50 when Ace Youngblood defeated Fearless Blue by pinfall with a Chaos Effect. The Aces Of Mayhem make defense number 1 of their ERGO Duality Championship titles.

Rating: D-
A solid first defense of their Duality titles for The Aces Of Mayhem, wouldn't you agree, Travis?

I would have won faster...

The Gilbert Brothers vs The Nest Of Vipers
In a decent match, The Nest Of Vipers defeated The Gilbert Brothers in 14:09 when Mimic defeated Jesse Gilbert by pinfall after cracking Jesse's own hockey stick over his head.

Rating: D-
Beautiful! For the first time ever someone uses a hockey stick like it was meant to be used.

I'm almost certain hockey sticks have been used as weapons before. Both by and against The Gilberts themselves at that!

Well it's the first time I've seen it, Dane so it's still a first!

Laura Flame vs Nomad
In a decent match, Laura Flame defeated Nomad in 8:45 by pinfall with a Flame Fire Kick.

Rating: D-
Another win for Laura Flame, she's on...

Don't say it!

What? On the road to a winning streak?

I thought you were-

I'm a professional, Travis. Puns and wordplay are not part of my job description.

I'm sorry for doubting you, Dane. I'm not sure what my problem is tonight.

I'm sure you'll bounce back in time for the big Aerodome match up next.

Yeah, I'm-wait, bounce? Why you little!

Arthur Dexter Bradley vs Hugh de Aske vs JOJI vs Ricochet Ramone vs Roger Monteiro vs Stuntman
In a decent match, Arthur Dexter Bradley defeated Hugh de Aske, JOJI, Ricochet Ramone, Roger Monteiro and Stuntman in an Aerodome match in 11:48 when Arthur Dexter Bradley escaped the cage just seconds before Stuntman. Arthur Dexter Bradley wins the ERGO Aerial Artistry title.

Rating: D-

Just as he's handed the Aerial Artistry belt, A.D.B. is leveled from behind by Acid II, soon followed by Stuntman. Devil May Care beat him into the ground for a good while before Haley Buck finally calls them off. Before they leave, Haley leans down and shouts, "This isn't over!" right in A.D.B.'s face.

Rating: E
A bittersweet victory for Arthur Dexter Bradley. Hopefully he'll be back on his feet in time for next month's show.

He got what he deserved, stealing Stuntman's victory like that!

Stole it by legitimately escaping before him?


Just before the bell is rung, Raphael grabs a mic.
"This isn't fair! I know and everyone here knows I was screwed out of the ERGO title by Matt Sparrow! I deserve a rematch, not a match with this Raphael wannabe! You and I wrestled enough up in Rhode Island, I have nothing to prove here. So congratulations, ERGO, Raphael vs Brendan Idol is not happening! I'm going home.
Before Raphael can exit the ring though, Idol grabs him and whips him into the corner as the bell is rung.

Rating: E+

Brendan Idol vs Raphael
In a bout that had good heat and decent wrestling, Brendan Idol defeated Raphael in 17:30 by pinfall with a roll up.

Rating: D-
And that's why you don't get into the ring before refusing to wrestle.

Indeed, Raphael was on his back foot the entire match. Though I'd expected you would have made some excuse for Raphael's loss.

I like the cunning guys, Dane, not the stupid ones.

After the match, Brendan Idol grabs a mic.
"Seeing as how I beat the self-proclaimed number one contender, I'd like to issue my own challenge to the ERGO Champion Matt Sparrow! But I want to do this face-to-face, so Matt-"
Before he can say another word, Matt Sparrow's music hits and he makes his way into the ring.
"Well that was fast. As I was going to say, I'd like to-"
Sparrow grabs the mic from Idol, staring daggers at him.
"Anytime, anywhere!"

Rating: D
Looks like we already have one marquee match-up set for next month!

In my day, we punched the challenger in the jaw to seal the deal...

Aldous Blackfriar vs Remmy Skye
In a bout that had great heat and good wrestling, Remmy Skye defeated Aldous Blackfriar in 15:15 by pinfall with a Skye Diver through a table.

Rating: D

Following Remmy's celebration, Aldous slowly climbs to his feet out of the pressed wood wreckage. Initially he looks angry at his loss, but suddenly he begins laughing.
"Ehehehehehe...Hahahahahahahahahaha! The hunt begins!"

Rating: D
Aldous Blackfriar has lost his mind!

You're just not smart enough to understand his grand plan, Dane!

And you are?

Smart enough to realize there is a plan.

Looks like this will be argument for another time, Travis as we're out of time! Tune in next month for ERGO Presents: Visual Echoes!

Overall Rating: D
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