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Originally Posted by Oyaji View Post

This mod has a tonne of potential and could one day soon be the definitive current day mod. That's not to degrade the other great modders (Fleisch in particular) at all. But, TheWho's mod has an insane amount of depth to it.
I wish you guys all the luck and hope you stick with it.

Just some friendly advice from on modder to another.... Making predictions about how good your mod will be one day compared to Fleisch's then immediately after mentioning depth is not a good way to endear yourself to most GDS members. Fleisch has worked day and night longer then just about anyone here at GDS to provide people a game to play. If you have to follow a sentence with (not to degrade or anything) the post may be better left for a private conversation.

Just my opinion something that will help you guys going forward.
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