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Originally Posted by Historian View Post
Let's hope Bret can become a star. I'm sure DarK_RaideR loves seeing another multi-generational/family relation on my roster. Those are his favorites after all.
Actually... I do kinda like Bret. Or at least not outright hate him. Maybe because I hate his dad so much. Byron's portrait alone is enough to generate heel heat and I'll always see him as the 'sports entertainment" antagonist to RoF and UEW in those regions. Bret, on the other hand, may look similar, but isn't trying to cash in his name or ride the coattails of his dad. If his dad tries to push him that way, it only makes him more sympathetic to me. If Bret tries to be his own man, fine. If he tries to leave his dad's shadow, even better. Seriously, as long as Byron is in the equation, there's no way I can hate someone more
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