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Originally Posted by Scott Vibert View Post
Just a reminder that when you install a new version of windows, you need to remember to unlicense your game first, if you don't your license will be locked on the old windows installation and you will need to contact me to get it unlicensed.

Follow these steps on your old computer to unlicense ( which will give you your order ID) and you should be all set to move to the new computer.

Right-click on the shortcut you use to launch the game.

Goto properties

Goto the target box and at the end of the current entry add: -unlicense

Press apply and OK to exit

Then double click to launch the game. You will see the order ID and below there will be a box you can use to unlicense.

If this doesn't work please email me with the entry that is in the target field of your short-cut and we should be able to get you fixed up.

Hope this helps.
Didn't see this until today. I upgraded for 10 a few weeks ago and had no troubles with my license. So i'm guessing it doesn't happen always?
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