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Unread 07-21-2019, 06:57 PM
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I did have a general question or clarification I was looking for concerning the ager/de-ager tool announced for TEW 2020. The way I read the description it seems that sliding this one way or the other only affects the natural progression/regression of the workers in the database. It doesn't affect their actual age or the date at which the particular mod or database is set to begin. Am I understanding that correctly?

If so, it seems it would be a FANTASTIC tool for providing variant levels of difficulty to any mod. So for instance, if I made a mod but thought the stats were too generous I could rectify this super fast by "de-aging" 3 years from the entire database and except for those workers who have hit their age of skill decline, the database would experience a nerf in total. Yet the game would still begin at the same assigned time and the workers would still be the same actual age. Do I have that correct?
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