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Default Fire on the Mountain

Broadcast On Pay Per View Exclusively by MySelectUSA
Week 4, May 2023.
Held At: Clover Fields [Mid South, USA]
In Attendance: 12,915
Buy Rate: .10 [50,180 buys]
Commentators: Lee Bambino & Ricky Dale Johnson

LB: Hello and welcome to Fire on the Mountain! Thank you for inviting us into your home tonight. We are coming to you live from Clover Fields with almost thirteen thousand people, a record crowd for the CWl, filled into the building tonight to witness one heck of a wrestling show. Joining me in calling the action tonight is Ricky Dale Johnson. Ricky -- what match are you most looking forward to?

RDJ: That’s a tough question, Lee. It’s probably a toss up between the North American Heavyweight Championship match between Hellion and Riley McManus and the World’s Championship match between Ross Henry and Spencer Spade. Both matches should be absolute barn burners. Riley McManus has yet to defend against someone as physically imposing as Hellion -- and despite the roll he has been on recently, he’s never been closer to losing his championship. Ross Henry has been a dominant World’s Champion. He has appeared all over the world with that title, but Spencer Spade has the wildcard in Lisa Bowen and Bowen Services. How will it play out?

Opening Match
Three Way Tag Team Dance
Thirty Minute Time Limit

Tex-Mex vs. Ladies Night vs. Jade & Parissi

The first ever Women’s Tag Team Champions were set to be named in this contest. Tex-Mex and Ladies Night really looked like the two best teams in the match while Parissi and Jade clearly don’t gel as a team -- their timing was all over the place. Parissi pinned Houston Handley to eliminate Tex Mex and make it just Ladies Night and Jade & Parissi. Danielle Sweetheart came alive when it was down to the final two teams and she really cleaned house. She pinned Parissi to secure Ladies Night the CWL North American Women’s Tag Team Championship -- the first women’s tag team champions in company history.

Ladies Night defeated Tex-Mex and Tiffany Jade and Toni Parissi in 15:26; the order of elimination was Tex-Mex first, and then Tiffany Jade and Toni Parissi. Ladies Night win the CWL Women's Tag Team titles.

Singles Match
Thirty Minute Time Limit

“Lionheart” Funakoshi versus Keith Holly © w/ February Malaise

The second singles match between these two warriors did not disappoint. They went right at. Another hard hitting contest between two hard hitting men. Holly threw several nasty headbutts and hit a lariat on Funakoshi that looked like it took his head off.

Funakoshi fought back with hard hitting strikes. Several big forearms and a headbutt of his own. The crowd was into this match. Funakoshi hit a Butterfly Backbreaker on Keith Holly and suddenly he was now a two time United States Champion.

Funakoshi defeated Keith Holly in 11:54 by pinfall with a Butterfly Backbreaker. Funakoshi wins the CWL United States title.


Funakoshi hoists the United States title high above his head, but he’s blindsided by Keith Holly. Holly attacked Funakoshi with a vicious assault, including hitting two Reaper Breaker’s on the new United States Champion.

Singles Match
Thirty Minute Time Limit

Lucy Stone-McFly versus Brooke Tyler ©

A very good contest between two excellent women’s wrestlers. Stone-McFly was the second ever North American Women’s Champion -- she won the championship in her first match as professional wrestler. Tyler has proven herself over the past few months as one of the top female talents in the world and the two women went out there to have a great wrestling match. Lucy looked very much like her mother in 1997 when Victoria was the top female wrestler in Canada and working for NOTBPW, AAA, and 5SWW and Brooke showed the same kind of technical proficiency as her father did when he was one of the top wrestlers on the independent scene for the better part of two decades.

They went at it in a short match, but a match filled with back and forth action. Tyler twice went for the Brooke Breaker but was not able to lock it in. Lucy countered a suplex attempt and hit the Delorean Driver that was made famous by her father to capture her second Women’s Championship.

Lucy Stone-McFly defeated Brooke Tyler in 7:53 by pinfall with a Delorean Driver. Lucy Stone-McFly wins the CWL Women's title.

Grudge Match
Tag Team Match
Twenty Minute Time Limit

Homegrown versus The Diaz Cousins

Two teams that don’t like each other and brought the fight to one another. This was a hard hitting contest that started off hot and continued throughout the duration of the match. Ray Johnson had a lot of trouble keeping this match in the ring and keeping both teams under control. Clyde Puder hit James Diaz with a big Patriot Powerslam and Homegrown got the victory.

Homegrown defeated The Diaz Cousins in 12:32 when Clyde Puder defeated James Diaz by pinfall with a Patriot Powerslam.

Singles Match
Thirty Minute Time Limit

Torment w/ Father Grim versus Matty Faith ©

Torment and Matty Faith went at it in a match that had superb wrestling. Torment is an excellent wrestler for a man his size and Matty Faith’s selling is on a whole different level. Faith got some good offense in throughout the match, but this was a story of Torment trying to put Faith away and Faith refusing to stay down, refusing to die. Faith made a big comeback and even hit a big powerslam -- Torment never gets slammed and this really brought the crowd alive. Matty Faith climbed to the top rope and hit a massive Leap of Faith.

As Darren Smith was counting the pin, Father Grim yanked him out of the ring. This caused the disqualification -- which prevented Torment from actually being pinned and gave Matty Faith the title defense.

Matty Faith defeated Torment in 13:42 by disqualification. Matty Faith makes defence number 5 of his GWC World Openweight title.

Tag Team Match
Thirty Minute Time Limit

The Keith Brothers versus Bowern Services © w/ Lisa Bowen

The World Tag Team Titles were on the line in a great match up. The Keith Brothers have natural team chemistry, the kind of chemistry that only comes from being twin brothers who grew up together, learned to wrestle together, and have taken on the world together. Cameron Vessey and Jeffery Aroma have made four successful defenses of the World Tag Team Titles since winning them in March, but have not been seeing eye to eye since Casey Valentine made a shocking return to CWL.

Aroma and Vessey weren’t on the same page at all in the match which allowed the Keith Brothers to stay in control. They isolated Jeffery Aroma and kept the big man down for quite some time. Aroma made a comeback and tried to tag in Vessey, but Vessey dropped off the apron and left Aroma alone in the ring to eat a double snap suplex from the Keith Brothers which Greg followed up with a cover to get the three count and win the World Tag Team Titles.

The Keith Brothers defeated Cameron Vessey and Jeffery Aroma in 16:42 when Greg Keith defeated Jeffery Aroma by pinfall. The Keith Brothers win the GWC World Tag Team titles.

Jeffery Aroma was the weak link, struggling to keep up with everyone else's in-ring performance.


Aroma is getting to his feet and Casey Valentine and Cameron Vessey hit the ring and beat the big man down -- officially kicking him out of Bowen Services -- which was punctuated when Vessey hit aroma with a Vessey Driver II -- with some help from Casey Valentine.

Semi Main Event
Singles Match
Sixty Minute Time Limit

“American Hellspawn” Hellion w/ Father Grim versus “The Cornerstone” Riley McManus ©

The match of the night. Surprisingly. Hellion has never looked this good. He looked like the monster heel that he should look like. Riley sold for him, got up for him, and made Hellion look especially dangerous. The crowd was into everything. Over the last few months, Riley McManus has been on a whole different level performance wise. This continued his trend of show-stealing matches. Riley’s come back was filled with Southern babyface fire -- Shane Sneer would have been proud.

Hellion went for a big corner avalanche, but Riley McManus moved out of the way. Hellion turned around and Riley lifted him and got him with the biggest Slingshot Suplex of his career. He made the cover and the crowd went wild when Riley retained.

Riley McManus defeated Hellion in 16:44 by pinfall with a Slingshot Suplex. Riley McManus makes defence number 3 of his CWL North American Heavyweight title.


Ross Henry cuts a promo hyping up his upcoming match with Spencer Spade.

Main Event
Singles Match
Sixty Minute Time Limit

“The Supreme Star” Spencer Spade w/ Lisa Bowen versus “The Boss” Ross Henry ©

A great match that was the third best match of the night -- behind the tag team and North American Heavyweight. The crowd was really into this match. Henry was looking to make the thirteenth defense of his World Title and Spencer Spade was looking to finally become World Heavyweight Champion. They went back and forth with out either man really being able to dominate for long. It was the story of two men that were equally matched trying to one up one another. Henry went for an Earthquake Powerslam, but Lisa Bowen pulled Spade down. While she was being reprimanded by Darren Smith for being involved, Spencer Spade hit a low blow on Ross Henry and hit the Supreme Stunner on Henry. When Smith turned around, he counted the three and Spencer Spade was World Champion.

Spencer Spade defeated Ross Henry in 24:50 by pinfall with a Supreme Stunner after Lisa Bowen interfered. Spencer Spade wins the GWC World Heavyweight title.


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